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See the world now through his eyes, children. Let the dust and flames and fumes fill you; let it soak into your throats. Let it show you the Truth!

Interpreter Clarence is a member of the the Enlightened in Appalachia in Fallout 76, introduced in the Night of the Moth update.


Clarence was part of a group of cult members, whose other constituents were Observers Errol, Johanna, and Marlon.[1] Together, they undertook a long trip from the Lantern to Point Pleasant, in order to see the home of the Wise Mothman,[2] and to commune with him.[3]

Clarence possesses an open posture and friendly demeanor towards visitors,[4][5][6] as long as they do not belong to the "Dim Ones" sect of the Cult of the Mothman who worship the red-eyed Mothman.[7] He is always in pursuit of knowledge,[8] and has already made significant progress towards enlightenment, as he acts as an interpreter of the Enlightened.[9]

During the equinox, he can be found on the roof of the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, accompanying Wise Charles the Forewarned. The festival's hourly rituals are conducted by the Observers Marlon, Johanna, and Errol. Regarding their various eccentricities, Clarence apologizes for "the absence of their minds."[10]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

FoS ghost costume
This character ignores combat and cannot be damaged.
FO76 icon map public event
This character starts events.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Cultist enlightened robe


76 NOTM Beholder glance

Looking at the camera instead of the player

  • For unclear reasons, he may stare directly into the player's camera (including third-person camera or photomode), rather than focusing on the player character. He only looks over with his eyes, rather than the usual NPC headtracking behavior.
  • After imbibing the moth dust, further instructions from Clarence will be heard from anywhere in the event. His mouth does not move during these lines.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the game files, the entries for his voice type and his outfit refer to him as "Beholder Clarence."
  • The voice type actually labeled as "Interpreter Clarence" is instead assigned to Wise Charles the Forewarned.


Interpreter Clarence appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Night of the Moth update.



  1. Vault Dweller: "Wait, there's more of you?"
    Interpreter Clarence: "Yes. I was accompanied by three Observers: Errol, Marlon, and Johanna. You will find them tending to the ritual pyres in the far reaches of this sacred site. If you speak, do not be offended by the absence of their minds. They are but humble witnesses to his wisdom, and have much left to learn from him."
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  2. Vault Dweller: "Where do you come from?"
    Interpreter Clarence: "We have ventured from our place of study, the Lantern, far from here. During the time of the Equinox, myself and a group of Observers make the perilous trip to the Wise One's homeland."
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  3. Interpreter Clarence: "Weary we are, for far we have traveled... All for the sake of his voice. All for the sake of his wisdom..."
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  4. Interpreter Clarence: "A child approaches. Do they seek wisdom?"
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  5. Interpreter Clarence: "I am Interpreter Clarence, of the Wise Mothman's Enlightened. How may I be of service to you, child?"
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  6. Interpreter Clarence: "I must thank you, child! We witness glory thanks to your efforts!"
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  7. Vault Dweller: "I've been attacked by Mothman Cultists before. Why are you different?"
    Interpreter Clarence: "Do not mistake us for the Dim Ones. Followers of the red-eyed pretender. Fools, who flee from his wisdom, and cling to a false god -- a flawed, vision-less 'holy' Mothman. They seek violence because facing a 'worthy' death is far less frightening than facing the Truth."
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  8. Interpreter Clarence: "The light has drawn you to us. Speak. There is much to learn."
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  9. Vault Dweller: "Observers? Is that some kind of rank?"
    Interpreter Clarence: "Those of us who endeavor to find the Truth in the Wise One's words go through several stages of learning. The Observer is the larva. One who knows their place, and knows there is much more to come. For the knowledge of ignorance, of our place, is an essential first step. A bug must first know it's a bug. I, as an Interpreter, am a pupa, surrounding myself in a cocoon of his words; absorbing... Casting form from them. The venerable Wise Charles, who graces us with his company, has broken from his cocoon. He, and very few like him, may flutter and dance in the light of his infinite wisdom for the remainder of his bright but fleeting existence."
    (Interpreter Clarence's dialogue)
  10. Interpreter Clarence: "If you speak, do not be offended by the absence of their minds. They are but humble witnesses to his wisdom, and have much left to learn from him."
    (Clarence's dialogue)