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Clara Duran's notes are four paper notes in Fallout 76. They are written by Clara Duran, a teacher at Watoga High School.


All four notes are located at Fort Defiance.

  • Notes 11/77 - Can be found on a metal table in the third floor's eastern hallway, immediately west of Notes 12/77.
  • Notes 12/77 - On a desk in a room of the third floor's eastern hallway.
  • Notes 1/78 - In a third floor room near a collapsed section of floor in the eastern end of the building.
  • Notes 3/78 - In a bedroom on the second floor to the right of the eastern stairway.


Notes 11/77

Entry 11/77

It's hard to believe that I was going to be taking my students here on a field trip before everything went nuts. I'm so very thankful that I read up on this place and was able to make it here along with other refugees.

Watoga is lost. We can't go back while the robots are running amok. The little bog towns and farms in the countryside wouldn't be able to sustain us the way this place can. Allegheny Asylum has everything that we need in order to really make a go of it, but there is so much work ahead of us.

Priority List
 - Find a working terminal or repair a broken one
 - Water treatment facility is having problems, and may need to get another thorough cleaning.
 - Keep the coal coming! It's going to be winter really soon.
 - Get each survivor a room with a bed, coal burner, and adequate shelter
 - Organize volunteers to teach some of my fellow Watogans how to cook and etc.
 - Find where the darn roaches are coming from and seal it off!
 - Organize scouting groups for different kinds of supplies, especially seeds. Get the kids sorting scrap.
 - Try to catch that weird looking cow if it comes back. This place has a dairy, so let's use it!

Other things that we really need to work on is just getting along with each other.

Notes 12/77

Entry 12/77

We caught the cow! We had a vote to pick a name for her, which was a good social exercise. I didn't expect it to become quite so heated, though. I guess some folks get worked up over anything.

Anyway, her name is Bertha.

Some aggressive dogs had Bertha stuck in an empty fountain, poor thing. We had to kill them just to get to her.

I guess we all get to see what dog tastes like now. I am not excited but it can't be worse than canned dog food.

Priority List

Notes 1/78

Entry 1/78

Saffron fell through some floorboards while scouting on the second floor and sprained her ankle. All things considered, we lucked out. It could have been much worse! Just close up that area for now.

Priority List
 - Need more coal
 - Get more rooms for survivors
 - Keep training Watogans on the basics
 - Send scouting groups to look at nearby farms for supplies and survivors. We need more seeds and we have plenty of chems to trade.
 - Someone mentioned that they saw some chickens on a foraging run. They'd go great with Bertha in the barn! Milk, eggs and grain would go a long way to sustain us.

Sometimes these folks remind me of my students on a bad day. Cliques are threatening to split the group, and we need to stop all the little personal insults and jibes if we're going to have a chance of revitalizing this place enough to really make a life here. I'm hopeful despite it all. Without hope, what would be the point of carrying on

Notes 3/78

Entry 3/78

Our group was attacked by desperate folks who weren't interested in trading with or joining our collective.

Such senseless violence! They killed Bertha, even though I showed them that she was a milk cow, and all the egg laying chickens too.

Half the remaining group left for Monongah, saying that they couldn't continue to "carry" the survivors from Watoga. They warned us not to follow.

Those of us who are left are abandoning Allegheny tomorrow. The people who attacked us will just be back for more eventually. I think they're from that little town north of Watoga where I bought preserves and antiques.

So, we're going to try to find survivors up north near Harpers Ferry. It's a long walk, but hopefully we can find other good people or just avoid the bad ones.