Doctor Claire Hudson was the Responders' chief medical officer and responsible for researching the Scorched,[1][2] including the development of a cure for the Scorched Plague as part of the Inoculation Project.[3]


Doctor Hudson was based in AVR Medical Center, as the laboratory there had sufficient equipment for her to conduct her research.[4] The goal was for her to develop a vaccine in time for the Fire Breathers' final mission to seal Big Bend Tunnel and prevent the Scorched from crossing the Savage Divide,[5] but her efforts were hampered when the Sympto-Matic machine she was using blew a fuse and she was unable to get a replacement.[6][5]

She was still at the AVR Medical Center when she got word of the Responders taking their final stand against the Scorched at Morgantown Airport.[7] Despite the vaccine not yet being finished, she decided to abandon her post to try and make it back to the airport, hoping to be able to help any Responders who were still alive. Before she departed, she left instructions regarding how to make the vaccine for the Scorched Plague, hoping it might help whoever might find them in the future.[7]


Doctor Claire Hudson is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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