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The Civil War reenactor is one of two corpses found during random encounters in Appalachia.


One corpse is found during the random encounter Philippi's Cemetery Battlefield Revealed. On his body, a holotape narrated by Dick Shale can be found. Reading it reveals the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery location. Another reenactor is randomly found during the Prickett's Fort Revealed encounter. He holds the holotape revealing the location of Prickett's Fort.

There are two types of Civil War reenactor corpses. One wears a fisherman's outfit, carries the Appalachia landmarks - Prickett's Fort holotape and will not have any apparel plans possible to loot. The other wears a Civil War era suit and top hat, carries the Appalachia landmarks - Philippi's Cemetery Battlefield holotape, and any plans listed below have a chance to spawn on the body.

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Philippi's Cemetery Battlefield Revealed


Both random encounters involving Civil War reenactors only occur in the Toxic Valley.


The Civil War reenactors appear in Fallout 76.


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