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City Liner is a vehicle found in the Capital Wasteland and Mojave Wasteland.


City Liners are found throughout the former United States, both in the Mojave and as part of the D.C. Metro Service Bureau's public bus network in Washington, D.C.


Each bus in the fleet was powered by a nuclear engine with exhaust vents in the front and rear. Access panels, located on the outside of the bus and just beneath the driver, were used by mechanics for accessing critical components of the bus. On either side of the bus, there were double folding doors with a handrail for the entering and exiting of passengers.

On the front of the bus, a digital display gave directions on where the bus was heading. Inside the bus, passengers would sit on benches, while the driver sat up front on a raised podium. Advertisements were placed above the windows in the passenger compartment. Each bus has the markings "DC L 25601" and "406." Two rocket-like projections are located on either side of the bus' front end, which are labeled "No Step." On the back, it cautions: "Warning: Radiation" and "Warning: Exhaust."

Explosive capabilityEdit

The City Liner, when shot at enough will have the second largest of the vehicle explosions followed by the transport truck and preceded by the vertibird. With the power of roughly three mini nukes exploding beside each other simultaneously, but with less damage after the explosion, there will be 1-2 rads for about two minutes.

Item Health ID Name Force Damage Radius IS Radius RAD Level Radius DSPTN Time Knock down
City Liner Bus 420 BusNukeExplosion Nuke Explosion 120 200 1200 5632 10 616 12 Varies

Bus stopsEdit

A typical bus stop for the City Liner network was a canopy-type structure that may or may not have a bench and/or a garbage can. Sometimes there were two or more bus stops in the same location. For example, Fairfax ruins had four of these stops. Bus stops were located:


  • It is possible to scale any bus in the game by the rear, where the signs read "No Step". There is an invisible set of steps located here, climbed by running against the bus (unencumbered) while looking up. One may rapidly jump up the back of the bus as well to glide to the top (or side if it's flipped over). One can walk up buses from the back regardless of if they are upright, or flipped onto their side.
  • While the intact City Liner has doors on both sides, the broken in half bus seen in the introduction only has a door on the right side, similar busses in the Commonwealth.


City Liners appear in Fallout 3, and several wrecks and halves with interiors can be found in Fallout: New Vegas. It is also seen in the Fallout 3 intro as the camera zooms out to the radio and then scans along with the seats and some advertisements.


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