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Here are forms 5028, 6112, and the Pip Boy answer console. Please be sure to fill in each circle COMPLETELY. Now, if you would take a seat over here...Proconsul Gregory


The test is a comprehensive exam, testing, among others, advanced mathematics, spatial relations, deductive reasoning, and language comprehension,[1] ending with a thorough physical examination that includes checking vitals and the presence of communicable diseases.[2]

Thomas Moore is the only non-citizen thus far to pass the test.

Passing the test

The test itself is very hard to pass. In order to correctly answer all questions, the player character needs to have 9 Perception, 9 Intelligence, and 9 Luck. Having mutated toes from the toxic caves will automatically fail the test even if the stats are correct.


  1. The Chosen One: "{147}{}{What is the test exactly?}"
    Gregory: "{151}{}{It is a comprehensive exam, divided into several parts...advanced mathematics, spatial relations, deductive reasoning, language comprehension... oh, and there is also a thorough physical examination.}"
  2. The Chosen One: "{195}{}{Great. So I'm a Citizen?}"
    Gregory: "{196}{}{Well, we still have to perform the physical examination. Fortunately, I have all the equipment right here. You might want to take off your boots.}"
    The Chosen One: "{197}{}{Okay.}"
    "{201}{}{Your blood pressure looks good, no communicable diseases that I can find... congratulations, Citizen. Welcome to Vault City.}"
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