The Citadel A ring is a section inside the Citadel.


The A ring is composed of several rooms. It has several storage rooms, the Brotherhood library, and archives, the personal quarters of Lyons' Pride "The Den," and the council room (also referred to as Great Hall). The Great Hall is one of the most important buildings in the Citadel. Here, Elder Lyons discusses the situation with other paladins and knights.

The library and archives store knowledge the Brotherhood has collected. Scribe Jameson also collects the holotags from fallen Brotherhood brothers and sisters.

The Lyons' Pride mostly spends their time in the room dubbed "the den." It is distinctive from the other section of the Citadel, as it has more food than anywhere else. Here, Lyons' Pride members can relax and discuss tactics about defeating the super mutants and the Enclave.

Notable loot


The Citadel A ring appears only in Fallout 3.


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