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This is the famous Thieves' Circle! I thought you would've known this, seeing's how you made it through all the defenses and whatnot. But no matter. You're quite promising, and the Circle could use someone like you.Loxley.

The Circle of Thieves, Thieves' Circle or rarely the Thieves' Guild is an underground organization for thieves, operating in The Hub. Based in the Old Town district, they are led by Loxley, who styles himself a modern day Robin Hood, robbing rich merchants for the benefit of the poor folk of the city. It is a minor faction in Fallout.


The Circle is a loosely organized group of like-minded people, formed by Loxley in response to the wealth inequality generated by the caravan houses in the Hub. Inspired by the story of Robin Hood,[1] the thieves do not take only for themselves, but also share their take with their fellow Old Towners,[2] mostly poor workers laboring for the great merchant companies. They live in shantytowns on the poor side of town,[3] while the merchants and their courts live in affluence in the Heights.[4] The rich are prime targets for the Circle, with the take split: 10-20% goes to the people of Old Town, another 20% to the Circle, and the rest is pure profit for the thief.[5]


The Circle does not have a fixed hierarchy, though everyone looks up to Loxley as a leader. Though eccentric, he is fair and both helps the Old Towners while giving the right people a headache, all without going broke in the process.[6] Jasmine is his aide,[7] giving prospective and current thieves information and supplies for jobs, as well as pawning larger pieces of loot. She also makes sure to remind her fellow thieves not to kill their marks, as otherwise, they might be replaced by someone more competent and make their lives harder. Daren Hightower tops the list of "benefactors."[8]

Recruitment into the Circle is highly informal. Anyone who can find the hideout and make it through the traps and locked doors is considered a potential candidate, as the perimeter constitutes the First Test.[9] The Second is actually proving themselves as a capable thief, which usually entails stealing a high value item from a mark.[10] If accepted, the thieves are expected to follow two basic rules: Don't get caught and never steal from the Circle.[11] Disloyalty is a serious offense, though unlike Decker, the Circle doesn't kill traitors. Instead, it just moves shop, disappearing into thin air.[12]

Much of the recruitment is up to Loxley's whim. If he sees potential in someone, he'll offer them the Test immediately.[13] Otherwise, he'll throw them out, especially if they seem to be a coward, refusing potential triumphs in favor of safe mediocrity.[14] Showing any sympathy for the merchants is an instant kick-out too.[15]


The leader of the guild is Loxley, who manages the guild's functions. The three other members in the hideout are Jasmine, Cleo and Smitty.

Outside relations[]

Loxley hates merchants with a passion, considering them criminals squeezing the life out of the town.[16] Loxley specifically formed the Circle to even the odds a little, with the merchants its prime target.[1] Naturally, the caravan heads despise the Circle in turn, as they are a constant problem. While they suspect Old Town shelters their hideout, they can't prove it.[17] Both the Circle and Loxley are known to the people of Old Town, considered alright, though slightly odd. Nobody has reported the Circle to the authorities yet, both because of the share of the loot they receive and the disenfranchisement suffered at the hands of the merchant-dominated government of the Hub.[18] Even bandits who use the Old Town for cover have grudging respect for the Circle and refuse to stay there for extended periods.[19]

The Circle generally avoids confrontation with the Underground, as Loxley is well aware of the power structure in the hub and the degree of influence Decker holds.[20] Pitting the merchants against one another from his lair beneath the Maltese Falcon,[21] Decker considers the thieves a minor nuisance,[22] inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.[23] The thieves don't care for Decker either, especially since some of their friends ran afoul of him and ended up killed or worse.[24] As the Underground is preoccupied with trying to control commerce through the merchant guilds,[25] the best way to describe their relationship is that the Underground tolerates the Circle (though any cooperation is ruled out).[26]


The Circle does not rely on high technologies, using simple tripwires and explosive traps to protect their hideout. Thieves are given basic tools for larger jobs, such as a set of lockpicks, flares, and Nuka-Cola[8] (jokingly referred to as their corporate sponsor).[27] However, thieves are expected to be able to survive on their own wits and anything they can scrounge up.[28]

Interactions with the player character[]

After locating the stairs leading down into the basement of a small building in the Old Town and penetrating the defenses, the player can accept a quest to steal a diamond necklace from Daren Hightower in the Heights (the Second Test). If successful, they will receive 3,000 bottle caps and an electronic lock pick, which is very useful for breaking into the Mariposa Military Base.

While Jasmine asks not to kill Mr. Hightower, the reward doesn't change if the merchant and his wife are slain.


The Circle of Thieves appears in Fallout and is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.



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