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For the Van Buren faction of the same name, see Circle of Steel (Van Buren).
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The Circle of Steel is a faction within the Brotherhood of Steel meant for dealing with internal conflicts. Formed by hardliners[1] in the Brotherhood of Steel, who believed the rest of the organization has drifted from the original principles of preserving tech. The Circle of Steel, in terms of their position relative to the Brotherhood proper, are the Internal Affairs of the whole Brotherhood of Steel.[2]


Following the disaster that was Operation: Sunburst, Brotherhood of Steel leaders and Circle operatives alike declared Elijah to be marked for execution. Christine Royce was sent after the rogue elder, equipped with a .308 DKS-501 COS silenced sniper rifle and CoS recon armor.[3]


  1. Chris Avellone's Twitter: Are the Circle of Steel that were meant to be in Van Buren the same as the one that Christine formally/currently belongs too? → They're 1st iteration of Van Buren (BOS hardliners).
  2. Chris Avellone: "for me, they weren’t evil, they were just hardliners who thought the rest had drifted from the original principles of preserving tech and policing their own rogues – kind of like Internal Affairs"
  3. Patient log: Y-17.0: "This is Christine Royce. Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel... the Circle. Not going to make it through this, hope someone finds this message, gets it to the Brotherhood in the West. Tracked a rogue Brotherhood Elder, Elijah, here, to the Big Empty. Place is more than it seems, there's a crater hidden deep inside. Junkyard of Pre-War labs scattered across the crater's surface, all still running... like this one. Elijah's dissecting these centers, one by one... tracked him to an old Chinese-American internment camp. Survivors, Ghouls, have bomb collars. Robots moved in when I tried to intercept him... Elijah sent the camp Ghouls against us both, like walking bombs. Got hit by the explosions, woke up here. Guess the medical robots were programmed to bring wounded victims from the camp to this center. Some kind of Auto-Doc prototype lab... manned by corpses trapped inside suits that keep them moving, no idea why. Not sure how long I'm going to last... cut open my head like a lot of the humans I've seen here, feel strange, can talk, but can't hack the term... <sound of an explosion> ...wait, an explosion outside. Someone's here... someone's... <static cut off>"
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