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All your petty deeds will become pointless when Atom returns, when the Great Divide cleanses this world and all in it. He is the bringer of light, the Great Divider. He is the infinite worlds within all of us. His Glow will spread, it will illuminate, and it will birth infinite worlds from within us all. In time, it will make sense. In the moment when you are Divided, you will understand.Brother Henri

The Church of the Children of Atom[2] (truncated as the Children of Atom, Church of Atom, or Atomites, sometimes derisively called rad eaters)[3][RPG 1][Non-game 1][Non-game 2][1] is a religious movement which worships Atom, a deity personifying nuclear weapons, their detonation, and the resulting radiation. Where most people see weapons of mass destruction, the Children see holy tools of creation. Generally, they believe the world was created when an atom was split, and that each nuclear detonation represents the birth of countless new universes.

The faith has spread across the northeast of the post-War United States. Atomites have developed their own mythology, with legends, historical figures, and ethics unique to their culture. They also believe in a variety of supernatural phenomena surrounding radiation.

A decentralized movement, the myriad sects each follow their own interpretation of the core dogma. The philosophy of each sect tends to reflect the unique perspective of its leader. These groups range from peaceful believers pursuing coexistence with the rest of the wasteland to militant zealots desiring nothing more than the nuclear annihilation of all mankind.[4]


The Capital Wasteland[]

The Atom

The atomic bomb in Megaton.


The history of the Children of Atom is tied closely to the settling of Megaton, a major trade settlement in the Capital Wasteland. The founders of the religion were among the first refugees that took shelter in the crater after the Great War, worshipping the bomb that lay within the crashed aircraft at its center.[5] As the crater was settled, the zealous cultists aided in building the walls and clearing the wreckage to make way for the future town. The fledgling Church of Atom had only one condition: that the holy bomb within the crash site remained undisturbed. As it seemed to be inert, and the settlement needed their help to survive, the people of Megaton acquiesced.[3] The Church became a permanent element of the town.

Led in worship by a confessor, they live communally in a humble chapel adjacent to the bomb, where they have practiced their faith quite uneventfully for many generations.[5][6] In the twenty-third century, a young wastelander named Cromwell travelled to Megaton and joined the Church. The sitting confessor chose this outsider to succeed him.

By 2277, the 44-year-old Confessor Cromwell has become an eccentric distraction to most of the citizens,[Non-game 3] and church attendance is steadily dwindling.[7] At this time, if the Lone Wanderer opens the bomb, they find that it is missing a component called the fusion pulse charge, without which the bomb cannot detonate. In secret, Confessor Cromwell struggles with indecision over whether he should attempt to detonate the bomb himself.[8] His wife and fellow prophet Mother Maya, who claims to personally receive visions from Atom, seems more optimistic about the prospect of imminent "Division."[7]

Schism of the Apostles[]

In 2278, an offshoot church called the Apostles of the Eternal Light made themselves known by distributing "holy water," and posting pamphlets in nearby Megaton. They were led by a chemist calling herself Mother Curie III, and resided in a small bunker in Springvale. She had been a member of Cromwell's congregation, until the day she experienced a vision while attending a sermon. She believed she was contacted by a divine messenger called the Prophet of Atom, who spoke against the gospel of Division. This compelled her to leave the Church with her son and pursue her own path to the Light. At least one other congregant, Brother Gerard, left to follow her.

Cromwell's expedition[]

However, to adherents of the faith, Cromwell was the great prophet of Atom. It was under his auspices that a group of Children of Atom departed from Megaton at some point between the 2250s[9] and the 2270s.[10] Heading north, the expedition ultimately arrived at Far Harbor. Martin and Tektus were among those who made the journey from Megaton to the Island. No other named characters are known to be associated with this expedition.

Additionally, the Last Son of Atom travelled from Megaton to the Crater of Atom at some point after it was founded.

Commonwealth region[]

Settling the Glowing Sea[]

At some point, a group of Atomites traveled into the depths of the Glowing Sea, the wastes to the southwest of the Commonwealth. They settled in what would come to be known as the Crater of Atom, believing it to be a haven given by Atom himself.[11] Mother Isolde came to be their leader, if she was not already. She raised a daughter within the cult, known as Sister Dawn, who grew up alongside Brother Ogden.

The villagers of the Crater of Atom are the only humans who reside in the Glowing Sea. A peaceful sect,[RPG 2] the flock carry gamma guns, but almost never become hostile, even if physically attacked. Their leader Isolde expresses some unusual tenets, such as the belief that "Atom gave birth to this world, and all worlds."[12]

Arrival of the Last Son[]

No later than 2286, the Last Son of Atom arrived at the Crater, claiming to have served Cromwell in Megaton. He was permitted to stay briefly, during which time he aggressively attempted to convert others to transgressive new ideas. Isolde exiled him for blasphemy. She declared the Last Son a heretic and a false prophet, leading the Children astray with promises of awakening Atom and opening gateways to other universes.[RPG 3][RPG 4] Some of her followers left with him, forming the basis of his sect. Isolde is haunted by her failure to protect their souls.

Sister Dawn

Isolde ordered her daughter to join his following in order to spy on him. Dawn lived among the Last Son's sect for some time, and managed to gain his trust somewhat. She remained close to him, even as he grew erratic from excessive chem use.[RPG 5] In her journal, she wrote that he whispered in his sleep, murmuring about an obelisk waiting for him beneath the earth.[RPG 6] Suddenly, he captured her and performed genetic experiments on her, as a cruel expression of the resentment he harbored for Isolde. Dawn was transformed into a titan thenceforth known as the Great Glowing One and abandoned to wander the Glowing Sea.

2d20 WoA Last Son crop

Elsewhere in the Glowing Sea, he uncovered the Whately Research Facility, a pre-War Vault-Tec affiliated occult laboratory once overseen by his direct ancestor, General John Whately. The site had operated in secret beneath a Catholic church, and went undisturbed after the War due to its remote location. From here, he was able to access an ancient underground ruin, declaring it the City of Atom. The virulent chamber was dominated by an Obsidian Obelisk,[RPG 7] which the Last Son came to consider his brother.[RPG 8] Using materials he found in the City, he developed a special suit of X-01 power armor which he called AT-0M. The suit allowed him to sense the emotional states of nearby beings[RPG 9] and functioned as a weapon of mass mind control.[RPG 10]

Back on the surface, he quickly consolidated a militia of devotees, who insinuated themselves across the Commonwealth. Notably, they occupied the All Faiths Chapel in Diamond City, and enjoyed popularity among residents of the Lower Stands for their countercultural views, including their opposition to the Anti-Ghoul decree of 2282.[RPG 11]

The Winter of Atom[]

In the Winter of 2286, his organized cult executed a series of vicious attacks against the settlements of the Commonwealth, in a campaign of terror headed by his loyal Gigapede.

Brother Lucius

Isolde sent messengers north (including Brother Lucius) to warn the people of the Commonwealth and ask for aid. The Last Son's forces destroyed several settlements, but failed to secure power, and the religion as a whole was almost entirely driven out of Boston, including Atomites unaffiliated with the Last Son.

The Last Son of Atom caused a great deal of generalized psychic disturbance in the area before he and his followers either died in the Buried City or marched west and abandoned the region. Mother Isolde condemned the so-called City of Atom, and considers it unrelated to her deity.[RPG 12]

The Crater in 2287[]

Mother Isolde still serves as the leader of the village within the Crater of Atom in 2287. Its glow can be seen from a distance at night. Isolde and her acolyte Henri recognize Far Harbor as holy land, and its Fog as sacred.[13]

When Brian Virgil escaped from the Institute and fled into the Glowing Sea, he set up in a remote cave near the Crater. He has occasionally traded with the village, but prefers to be left alone. After Isolde's scout assessed Virgil as a potential threat, the Children discussed removing him by force, because some considered his presence an affront to Atom.[14] However, because "he has sought refuge with Atom," Isolde has declared Virgil to be under her protection for the time being.[15]

She dispatched a group, accompanied by a reprogrammed assaultron called Atom's Wrath, to find and occupy the abandoned sentinel site. The location of this complex was passed down in secret through generations of Children of Atom.[6] The party were to secure the armaments inside, which included a cache of Mark 28 warheads. They were quickly overwhelmed by feral ghouls infesting the facility. Only Brother Henri survived, and there he remains, serving as the guardian of the holy site.

Northern Commonwealth[]

Very rarely, the Sole Survivor may encounter Children of Atom while wandering the Commonwealth.[16] Those outside of the Glowing Sea are all hostile to outsiders. They have been known to irradiate water supplies, to the detriment of settlements such as Bunker Hill.[17][18]

Schumacher's group[]

No later than 2286, a group from the north-east were led by a priest named Schumacher to the Commonwealth, where they built a Rad Church in a sewer.[RPG 13] The group were unusually competent mechanics, and battled robots recreationally.[RPG 13] By late 2287 this group has dispersed or died.

Kingsport Lighthouse group[]

At some point before late 2287, a group of Atomites settled the area of Kingsport Lighthouse and built a small dock in a crater centered around a crashed plane, using parts of it in the construction, apparently mimicking the construction and form of Megaton. It was decided that the Kingsport Lighthouse would serve as a place of rest for pilgrims travelling to "the crater,"[19] though which crater this refers to is somewhat unclear. The residents of Kingsport Lighthouse regularly feed captured wastelanders to a glowing one they keep and worship,[20] while the denizens of the crater house surround their irradiated encampment with deadly nuke mines. They can be seen working the docks here.[21] If the Lighthouse is extinguished and claimed by the Sole Survivor, Children of Atom will periodically spawn on the docks,[22] apparently arriving by boat to investigate.

Jalbert Brothers Disposal shrine[]

Another small, dangerous group of Children briefly lived at Jalbert Brothers Disposal. They built a shrine here under the leadership of a scribe named Edmund. He construed the "Brothers Jalbert" as holy figures who gathered nuclear materials. A traveling merchant once approached the group to sell his wares. Brother Edmund, utterly manic and deranged, irradiated him to death out of some unclear suspicion.[23] By late 2287, the only Children of Atom here are dead, and the site has been damaged by fire and overrun with wild animals.

The Island[]

Fo4FH Church of the Children of Atom

High Confessor Tektus at the Nucleus.

Arrival and Exile[]

Confessor Martin and Tektus were among the expedition group from D.C. which landed in Far Harbor, on the Island far to the north (known as Mount Desert Island before the War). The Children became fascinated with the radioactive Fog which covered most of the Island.

Though initially tolerated by the denizens of the Harbor, they were driven out when the Fog began to encroach on human settlements around the mid-2270s. The Harbormen blamed the Church, and accused them of incurring the Fog, somehow making it more powerful by their very presence. The people formed a mob, and the Children were suddenly exiled from the Harbor. Anna, the doctor of Far Harbor,[24] was wounded in the altercation. Later, she would go to the Children to be healed, and ultimately join them.

At the time of their exile, they encountered an apparition called the Mother of the Fog. This shadowy, whispering figure led them safely through the Fog to the Mount Desert Island Naval Facility, an ancient submarine pen, where a synth named DiMA was living. The Children took to calling their new home The Nucleus, in reference to the armed nuclear submarine rusted into the facility's dock.[25][24][26]

The Nucleus[]

After a century of loneliness,[27] DiMA welcomed the company, and became very close with Martin. The cultists were curious about DiMa, and enjoyed conversing with him, even though he did not share their faith. However, it would not last. For granting the town of Far Harbor permission to stay on the increasingly dangerous island, Martin ended his friendship with DiMA, and banished him. DiMA left the Nucleus to the Children, and established the synth colony of Acadia around 2276.[28] By this time, Tektus had come to be called Grand Zealot.

The Children grew in strength, thriving in their new habitat. As their numbers increased, they began to send teams of zealots to seek out irradiated goods and locations. On one of these expeditions in 2277,[citation needed] Grand Zealot Tektus saved the life of Enclave Lt. Brian Richter, who had been accidentally sealed within a containment bunker alongside the rest of his unit. Having been spared the death by radiation which befell his comrades, Richter became convinced he was spared by Atom's gift. He joined as a fervent adherent of the faith, and rose to the role of Zealot himself.[29]

As the fledgling sect grew in power, so did the Fog. Around 2280, the Fog became so dangerous that all of the people living across the island packed up and traveled to the pier, moving their lives to Far Harbor.[30][31] This has put the Children on a collision course with the rest of the population on the Island, as they now actively seek to enable the Fog to blanket every inch of the Island, so that it may finally be consecrated as Atom's Kingdom. DiMA and Faraday provided the Harbor with fog condensers to keep the Fog at bay, a decision which angered the Children.

Decline of Confessor Martin[]

The situation escalated by 2287 when Brother Andrews braved the Fog to preach to the people of Far Harbor. Unwisely, he proclaimed to the Islanders that their friends and family had been sacrificed to the Fog, and they ought to accept their grim fate. He was gunned down by Allen Lee almost immediately, becoming the latest in a line of casualties. His death further infuriated the Children, who accused the Harbormen of murdering a peaceful missionary.[32] These escalating tensions weakened the authority of the mild-mannered Confessor Martin.[33] He did his best to guide his followers towards peace, but he found little success, as his own faith began to fade.

The final blow to Martin's attempts at peace came from within, when Sister Gwyneth was paging through an old scientific text she had found. She discovered the truth of what an atom actually was: a single speck of matter in a vast emptiness. This ruined her faith in Atom. Confessor Martin spoke with Gwyneth for hours, doing his best to console her, but his own faith was shaken after hearing what she had learned.[34][35]

One night, Martin simply disappeared from the Nucleus, never to be seen again.

Tektus becomes High Confessor[]

Having long been at odds with Martin over the situation with Far Harbor, Tektus quickly usurped the vacated position as high confessor, with Richter as his right-hand, now himself bearing the title of grand zealot.[36] Since then, the church under Tektus has grown increasingly paranoid. Those who do not follow the high confessor's will blindly, and especially any suspected of being in league with DiMA and/or the former Confessor Martin, are treated as heretics and dealt with by the zealots. To weed out the disloyal, Tektus has instilled loyalty tests.[37]


Fo3 CoA Hall

The main church of the Children of Atom at Megaton.

Behold! He is coming with the clouds! And every eye shall be blind with his glory! Every ear shall be stricken deaf to hear the thunder of his voice! Let the men, women, and children of the Earth come forth to gather and behold the power of Atom! Let those who dwell here in his favored land attend now to the words of the Prophet of Atom! Come forth and drink the waters of the Glow, for this ancient weapon of war is our salvation, it is the very symbol of Atom's glory! Let it serve as a reminder of the Division that has occurred in the past and the resplendence of the promise of our division in the times to come! Give your bodies to Atom, my friends. Release yourself to his power, feel his Glow, and be Divided. There shall be no tears, no sorrow, no suffering, for in the Division, we shall see our release from the pain and hardships of this world. Yea, your suffering shall exist no longer; it shall be washed away in Atom's Glow, burned from you in the fire of his brilliance. Each of us shall give birth to a billion stars formed from the mass of our wretched and filthy bodies. Each of us shall be mother and father to a trillion civilizations. Each of us shall know peace, shall know an end to pain, and shall know Atom in his glory. I urge you, my friends -- come, drink with me and pray... Glorious Atom, I give unto you these feeble bones. I present to your will this frail body. I beg of you to use me as your vessel, guide me to your brilliance, divide each particle and give relief to this rotten flesh. Cast the fragile form of this ephemeral body into new life in the forge of your Glow. Atom, come -- bestow your presence on your unworthy servant. We stay true, until the Day of Division -- until the dawn of your return to His humble world.— Confessor Cromwell's sermon, 2277


The religion of the Children of Atom is centered around the eponymous Atom and the idea that within every atomic mass in all of creation exists an entire universe. When that atomic mass is split, that universe is released. As such, Atom is a creator deity,[38] sparking endless new worlds through the act of nuclear fission, referred to by the Children as "Division." The Great War is thusly celebrated as a divine event which created uncountable new universes in an instant called "the Great Division," that called most of the world's population to be with Atom. The Children believe Atom caused the War.[2][Cut 1] To them, nuclear detonation represents creation and unification in Atom's Glow: radiation. Conversely, the Children believe that the surviving human population, the "lost children" of Atom, were those he deemed unworthy to be divided. As such, they pray to him that they may be deemed worthy in his eyes to be divided.[4][39]


FO3 Concept Cromwell

The Children worship Atom by reveling in radiation, and spreading it as widely as possible. They emphasize the potential of his Glow (or Light) to transform and create.[40] They generally seek to achieve some sort of ascension through Division,[41] as the Glow breaks them apart, releasing all of the worlds within them.[42] While obliteration through nuclear explosions is a preferred means of achieving Division, it is also considered honorable to live irradiated and die of natural causes.[43] Despite their zealotry and the implications of their belief structure, they have never been known to perpetrate suicide bombing attacks. However, they have been known to irradiate water sources used by outsiders, and distribute tainted water to beggars.

The Children tend to spread their influence by seeking out irradiated areas where they might build shrines and centers of worship, which double as staging areas for proselytizing efforts and crusades against the unfaithful. Atomite settlements offer shelter to pilgrims passing through the area on their way to somewhere else. The faithful also seek out and defend any stockpiles of nuclear weapons, to prevent their disposal or use in a manner inconsistent with the tenets of the teachings of Atom.[44][Non-game 4] They are prone to mythologizing their surroundings, such as using the name of the local Jalbert Brothers disposal franchise[45] to construe it as the "holy resting place of the Brothers Jalbert."[23]

2d20 WoA Prayer

The religion emphasizes asceticism and abolition of the self, as the mortal shell is seen as merely the means for creating new life.[46] While some Children of Atom are pacifistic and even claim to abhor violence,[47] other sects are malicious or outright violent, to varying degrees. Territory affected by radiation is considered Atom's holy domain, wreathed in his Glow. The Children are compelled by their religion to protect their path to salvation (Division), through any means necessary.[48] As a result, any attempts to interfere with the spread of radiation are considered blasphemous.[49][50] However, their zeal is somewhat tempered by reason. For instance, anti-radiation medication is permitted, so those denied radiation immunity may still serve Atom. This is considered a form of penitence, scouring oneself to embrace the Glow anew.[51]


The Church's religious iconography is based on scientific diagrams representing atoms.[52] In Megaton, a large scrap metal sculpture of an atom (orbited by subatomic particles) has been affixed to the top of the Church. It was constructed with materials salvaged from a Red Rocket gas station.[RPG 14] Tektus, High Confessor at the Nucleus, wears a crown topped with a similar sculpture. His congregants tend to tattoo their faces with various designs consisting of circles, which visually evoke concepts like radiation and orbit. Their banners and tapestries share this design, and the circles occasionally align in such a way that they form a symmetrical symbol resembling an eye.

Adherents of Atom typically dress in rags, perhaps symbolizing an ascetic liefstyle, but these can serve a practical purpose of giving the wearer radiation resistance. Many Children of Atom frequently use radiation-based weapons such as the gamma gun.


Different sects hold various opposing views about ghouls. Confessor Cromwell and Mother Maya respect and revere Gob because of their spiritual beliefs.[Non-game 5] The Holy Light Monastery directly worships ghouls and glowing ones, and consider ghoulification to be a form of enlightenment. The Kingsport Lighthouse sect refers to the glowing one kept in the lighthouse as "the Blessed in the tower."[53] They also refer to ghouls in general as "those embraced by Atom's glow."[54] Conversely, the sect at the Nucleus hold ghouls to be "unfit for Atom's grace,"[55] and its members try to avoid ghoulification.[56]

In Kansas City, the ghoul cult of Plutonius also make mention of Atom as a religious figure.[57]

Immunity to radiation[]

Some Children exhibit congenital immunity to radiation, but the faith accepts all converts as long as their faith is true.[58] Many live freely in high-radiation zones like the Crater of the Atom without suffering from radiation sickness, ghoulification, or other physiological changes. The Children of Atom claim that this is Atom's "gift" to them, but they seldom elaborate on the nature of this adaptation.

Potential converts are often tested by the imbibing of "waters of the Glow" or "holy water,"[59] provided by the confessor or gathered from a sacred spring. Naturally, this weeds out the weak and infirm, identifying immune persons who are fit to take on more dangerous tasks in service of Atom.[60] In the case of the Apostles, they hope the radiation will trigger the process of ghoulification.

At the Nucleus, the un-immune live alongside the immune, and must regularly "scour" themselves of radiation with RadAway to live. They do so either out of necessity (as "Atom is picky about sharing His blessing"), or as a form of penitence.[61]

Some even seem to be able to un-irradiate others just by being near them. Talking to Isolde or Ogden will cause the player to slowly heal radiation damage, which does not occur when talking to other NPCs in the Glowing Sea, such as companions.

However, this "gift" is not exclusive to members of the Children of Atom. Non-members such as Lumpy, the baby Marie, and Brian Richter (who discovered his immunity prior to joining the Children) also possess immunity to radiation.

Visions and divine messengers[]

Fog Mother

The Mother of the Fog.

Revelation is a crucial aspect of the Children of Atom's beliefs. The faithful are encouraged to divine meaning from vivid dreams and hallucinations.[62] Some Atomites practice meditation, hoping to receive divine insight. Some even fast, abstaining from food and non-irradiated water until they reach a delirious state, at which point they may be more susceptible to such notions.[56] Children of Atom commonly suffer from auditory hallucinations, or whispers of the glow.[63]

Atom's visionary messengers come in a variety of forms. Among the Nucleus sect, the most revered is the Mother of the Fog. The Mother appears as a female figure, shrouded in black mist and smoke, and heralds the most important events. In fact, it was she whom lead their community after banishment from Far Harbor to the Nucleus.[25] Minor revelations may be delivered by other messengers, such as a verdant stag.[64] This belief in individual revelation also means that the precise tenets of the Children of Atom are constantly in flux, and sufficiently charismatic Confessors can radically alter the course their community takes, from peaceful coexistence to militant expansion and vice-versa.[65]

Ability to see radiation[]

Some Children of Atom, including Mother Curie III, Brother Gerard, and Brother Devin, claim to be able to visually perceive radiation as a light or glow, to the degree that they cannot recognize the person underneath. This appears to be shared by some members of the Cult of the Mothman. Steven Scarberry applauds irradiated player characters for their "glow," and associates it with his patron deity.[66] Wise Charles the Forewarned also speaks of the glow, and utters Light as a proper noun like Cromwell.[67][68]

Relationship with Christianity[]

The Children of Atom appear to repurpose many elements of Christianity in their beliefs. Confessor Cromwell uses language from the Bible (specifically Revelation 1:7) in his preaching.[59] He also proclaims that those who were "called to Atom" at the time of the Great War were fortunate, mirroring the modern Evangelical concept of the Rapture.

In Broken Steel, the holy water pamphlet distributed by the Apostles of the Eternal Light quotes a slightly warped version of Revelation 21:6 (a verse emphasized throughout the main quest of Fallout 3), evidencing a direct connection. Other terminology used by the church and its sects can be tied to Christianity, including concepts of baptism[69] and salvation.[48] They may also end prayers with "amen."[RPG 15]

Their affected styles of speech and writing broadly resemble the verbiage of the King James Version of the bible. Their style borrows features and terms from Early Modern English, often improperly. Many of their given titles, such as Father, Confessor, Brother, and Inquisitor, appear to be borrowed from Catholicism. A distinctly Catholic influence can be seen throughout their practices, such as the naming convention of Mother Curie III, the exaltation of the resting places of purported historical holy figures,[23] and the use of holy water.

Christians already revere a figure named Adam, and some even directly worship him. In Winter of Atom, a convert named Fusion Susan acknowledges the Christian figure of Adam in her lyrics, by invoking Eve.[RPG 16] This indicates that the connection is apparent to people within the fiction.

A group of Catholics in the Capital region revere Monica, a post-War saint, whom they allege was miraculously born to ghoul parents.[70] They hold her to be the patron saint of "lost children," a term which Cromwell both speaks aloud[4] and deploys in a pamphlet.[71] The real-world Saint Monica is the patron saint of disappointing children.


Gamma gun (Fallout 4)

A radiation gun created by the Children for defense.

The Children of Atom attach little importance to worldly possessions and so they care little for the quality of their equipment. They tend to dress in rags decorated with electrical wiring and salvaged metal items representing the atom's nucleus. For protection, they employ cobbled-together pipe guns or makeshift Gamma guns, relying on the strength of their faith and intensity of local radiation for protection.[17] Some communities do employ more advanced technologies, for example, the Island sect under Confessors Martin and Tektus has access to old Marine armor suits and ancient rifles, which were co-opted as zealot-pattern armor and radium rifles respectively.[72]

If the Sole Survivor wears power armor among the Island sect, they will voice their disapproval of anti-radiation armor, but express interest in the fact that it is nuclear powered, or "runs on the Glow."[73] The Last Son of Atom wore a custom suit of power armor called AT-0M which helped him develop psychic abilities.

Brother Edmund expresses a fascination with Old World vehicle engines, because they run on nuclear power. He has assembled a "shrine" from nuclear waste barrels and discarded engines. Similarly, Fusion core candles are ritual objects produced by the Island sect. Cut contentIn a passage of scripture cut from Fallout 4, the author describes pre-War nuclear power as mankind "trapping" Atom's gifts in copper coils, and that the Great War occurred when "His prophets" saw to it that "Atom's bonds were broken."

The Children under Mother Isolde possess a reprogrammed assaultron called Atom's Wrath, indicating a certain mastery of robotics.[74] While Atom's Wrath displays no personality, at least two self-determined robots have lived at the Crater of Atom by choice; A pre-War Mr. Handy and a post-War robot of unspecified make.[RPG 17] Brother Shumacher's group was host to Esther and Eliza, the "Children of Atom Tinkers," who battled robots for fun.[RPG 13]


The cult is comprised of several disorganized congregations and movements, tending towards a loosely hierarchical structure in service of esteemed spiritual leaders. Each group is generally led by a confessor or prophet,[75][59][24] styled as a father[76] or mother of the Glow, though most bear the formal titles of "Confessor" or "Mother."[Non-game 6][77] These leaders can issue commandments at will. In some groups, the authority of the prophet is absolute.[78] Some leaders may designate an inquisitor to identify and eliminate undesirable elements among the flock,[79] though this is uncommon.

The warriors and guards of the Children are known as zealots, sworn to defend the faith and protect its followers and shrines.[80] Zealots are often former mercenaries or raiders who converted to the faith, and operate under the command of a grand zealot. The grand zealot typically designates a deputy, tasked with ensuring the fitness of other zealots.[81] Some zealots may earn the honorary title of crusader.


Capital Wasteland[]

  • The historic Church[3] at Megaton, led in 2277 by Confessor Cromwell, a traveler who was chosen by the previous confessor.[Non-game 3] The Confessor and his wife Mother Maya both describe themselves as prophets. This sect is also noteworthy for living as a subculture of a normal settlement for generations, which is otherwise unheard of. The Children of Atom helped to found Megaton as they worshipped the unexploded nuclear bomb in the crater. One of the conditions for their aid was allowing the building of a church, and to keep the bomb within the settlement- the merchants helping to found Megaton were forced to agree to these conditions, and the other citizens of Megaton largely dismiss them.
  • The Apostles of the Eternal Light, also known as the Children of Light,[82] a ghoul-worshipping splinter group led by Mother Curie III, who left Cromwell's flock after experiencing a vision.

Commonwealth region[]

  • The peaceful[RPG 2] group at the Crater of Atom in the Glowing Sea, who are led by Mother Isolde as of 2286.
  • The militant sect formed by the Last Son of Atom, who had once served the faith under Confessor Cromwell. Due to their leader's powers of mental influence, they were able to deploy trained animals in combat, including a yaoi guai[RPG 18] and the gigapede. This group fell apart after attacking the Commonwealth in the Winter of 2286.
  • The hostile group at Kingsport Lighthouse and the adjacent Crater house, who worship and feed a glowing one.
    • This settlement seems to be an active port. No other sect is known to operate a sea port, though the Atomites on the Island originally arrived there by boat.
  • Another group in the northern Commonwealth, who settled Jalbert Brothers Disposal, delighting Edmund the scribe. By late 2287, they have been wiped out.
  • Shumacher's group, who came from the north-east, and resided in a sewer.[RPG 13]
  • A group which kidnapped Piper Wright in a sewer near Bunker Hill, and were cleared out by Diamond City Security.[18]


  • An unknown group to the north-east of the Commonwealth.[RPG 13]
  • The group on the Island, headquartered at the Nucleus, who were formed by an expedition which set out from Megaton. As of 2287, they are led by High Confessor Tektus, after the previous High Confessor fled in the night.
    • The Crater sect are aware of the group on the Island. Brother Henri respects the Fog as "Atom's Holy Veil."[83] If the Sole Survivor joins the faction on the Island, Isolde will recognize their faith as legitimate.
  • A hostile and manipulative sect led by Confessor Alvarado in Fallout Shelter.


Fallout 3

Confessor Cromwell

Confessor Cromwell

Broken Steel

  • Mother Curie III, founder and leader of the Apostles of the Eternal Light, was once a member of Cromwell's congregation. She founded her church after experiencing a religious vision during one of Cromwell's sermons.[84][85]
    • It's likely her son also attended church before his transformation.
  • Brother Gerard, first officer of the Apostles of the Eternal Light, was among those who left Cromwell's church with Mother Curie III to form the Apostles.[85]

Fallout 4

Mother Isolde

Mother Isolde

Far Harbor


High Confessor Tektus

Fallout Shelter

  • Confessor Alvarado
  • Brother Thaddeus
  • Brother Will
  • Sister Olivia

Winter of Atom

  • Brother Bennett
  • Brother Landon
  • Brother Lockjaw
  • Brother Lucius, a messenger from Isolde's village
  • Brother Lywin
  • Brother Schumacher, a priest
  • Brother Scrapjaw
  • Eliza and Esther, the Children of Atom Tinkerers
  • Lil Boomy
  • Minnie "Muse" Mabee
  • Old Boomy
  • Sister Dawn
  • Sister Gertrude
  • Sister Iris
  • Sister Sunset
  • Thrash, a super mutant woman who leads a gang
  • The Last Son of Atom


Church of Atom interior downstairs

Megaton church interior

Fallout 3

Broken Steel

Fallout 4

FO4 Children of Atom

Crater of Atom

Far Harbor


Radiant crest shrine

Winter of Atom


  • Signs in Megaton pointing to the church read "Local Cult," indicating that the town's inhabitants think little of the movement.
  • True to their beliefs, Atomites in Fallout 4 rely almost exclusively on radiation weapons in combat, mainly the gamma gun and Nuka grenade. They also use nuke mines to secure their territory. While the Children usually only wear rags they boast a significantly large health pool compared to similar NPC types. It has been suggested that they are generally more durable than an average human,[Non-game 4] in addition to being innately resistant to the typical biological consequences of radiation.
  • The gender of the hallucinatory Prophet of Atom which appeared to Mother Curie III corresponds to the gender of the Lone Wanderer, which is a matter of debate among historians.[Non-game 7]
  • Despite the common conception that Isolde was part of the expedition from Megaton, Isolde's group never mention Cromwell, Megaton, or the expedition, and the relationship between these groups is unclear.
  • The Followers of the Winged One also make candles out of fusion cores.
  • In Fallout Shelter, one of Confessor Alvarado's disciples quotes Cromwell's sermon in a battle cry: "And every eye shall be blind with His glory!"
    • Generic Children of Atom in Fallout 4 also quote this line while swinging melee weapons, among others from the same sermon.
    • Cromwell's sermon is also paraphrased in a prayer in Winter of Atom.

“Radiant Atom, we offer up to you our beloved sister’s feeble bones. Relieve her of this rotten flesh, this fragile body. Call her back to your brilliance so she may live eternally in the forge of your Glow—so she may live forever in our hearts. Amen.”


The Church of the Children of Atom appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, as well as its add-on Far Harbor. They also appear in Fallout: The Board Game, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Fallout: The Roleplaying Game, as well as its sourcebook Winter of Atom. Further, Fallout Shelter and Fallout Shelter Online feature quests related to the Church, and unlockable Children of Atom characters.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Children of Atom are overall comparable to the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud, a radiation cult from Wasteland, in their distinctly Christian-influenced worship of radiation and their reclamation of irradiated places as holy sites as ordained by their god.
    • In Fallout 3, the first words of Cromwell's sermon are "He is coming with the clouds," a possible allusion to the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud.
    • Hiresdevrendervalkyrie
      The Children of the Cathedral from Fallout were based on the same faction, evident in development materials by a cut asset: a stained glass window depicting a mushroom cloud, originally featured on the front of their church. The Children of the Cathedral and the Children of Atom employ some of the same terms and beliefs.
    • Radiation cults in Wasteland 2 (2014) and Wasteland 3 (2020) use similar terminology to the Children of Atom, especially in that they believe in an afterlife called the "Great Glow."
      • The M.A.D. Monks of Wasteland 2 directly worship a titan missile they deify as Titan. In Wasteland 3, a bomb very closely resembling the bomb at Megaton is suspended by chains over the narthex of the Primordialist church at Cheyenne Mountain.
      • The Flame Deluge Canticle, a religious text of unclear affiliation in Wasteland 2, mentions "Children, too, of Eve," an apparent play on "Children of Atom" (as in "Adam").
  • Brother Gerard, an Apostle, appears to have been named for Brother Francis Gerard from A Canticle for Liebowitz, further connecting the Children of Atom to Catholicism. Additionally, his name corresponds to Sister Francis from Fallout, who is also named for the same character, by all appearances.
  • The Atomic Priesthood is a real concept proposed by the linguist Thomas Sebeok in 1983. He suggested the creation of a panel of experts, where members would be replaced through nominations by a council. Inspired by the Catholic Church's ability to maintain texts and traditions for centuries, the atomic priesthood would preserve knowledge about locations and dangers of radioactive waste by creating rituals and myths. The priesthood would indicate off-limits areas and the consequences of disobedience.
    • Critics identified the following problems with the concept of the Atomic Priesthood:
      • "An atomic priesthood would gain political influence based on the contingencies that it would oversee."
      • "This system of information favors the creation of hierarchies."
      • "The message could be split into independent parts."
      • "Information about waste sites would grant power to a privileged class. People from outside this group might attempt to seize this information by force."
    • General John Whately, ancestor of the Last Son of Atom, was a government official and occultist. His business card read "EMBRACE THE ATOM!" on the back, as seen in the illustration for Whately Research Facility.
    • Henri claims that the location of the sentinel site was passed down within the church for generations before he was able to access it.[6]
  • The music heard in the Nucleus closely resembles Vats of Goo, the ambient intro music from Fallout, performed in Gregorian chant. Both tracks consist of monotone panned droning and echoed ringing sounds, periodically interrupted by a short rising-and-falling motif. This track is absent from Fallout 4: Music from Far Harbor & Nuka World and has no given title.
    • If played simultaneously, they synchronize and resonate appreciably. This can be heard here. The siren from Vats of Goo can be heard in the Nucleus track.
    • Additionally, whispering can be heard in the track, even if all of the Children of Atom have been killed.
  • In Fallout Tactics (2001), the Plutonius cult in Kansas City makes mention of Atom as a religious figure.[57] This usage of Atom predates the Children of Atom's invention in Fallout 3 (2008), but shares similar religious themes.
  • Cut contentIn Fallout 4, there is a cut message title connected to the Boston Public Library, DN011ConfessorWesley, which would have been used to name a character as "Confessor Wesley." There is nothing else that is related to such a character anywhere in the game files, though all uses of the word "Confessor" in Fallout 4 are connected to the Children of Atom.
  • Cut contentFour verses of Atomite creation scripture were written and implemented for Fallout 4, then cut from the game. The passage is compiled twice in the files; as a text holotape called The Great Division, and dummied out of the Crater House terminal entries.


Fallout 3[]

Fallout 4[]

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game[]


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  37. The Sole Survivor: "Are you willing to tell me what was happening between you and those two Children when I showed up?"
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    Grand Zealot Brian Richter: "Our belief is in holy Atom, who struck this world two centuries ago, wreathing it in His Glow. That Glow is the Children's way out of this place. To Division."
    (Grand Zealot Richter's dialogue)
  42. The Sole Survivor: "What's Division?"
    Grand Zealot Brian Richter: "Release. Release of your potential. Of all the worlds locked away inside you. Broken apart and reborn a thousand times over through the Glow. Island's the perfect place for it, thanks to the Fog, the Nucleus. Glow everywhere. With patience, we'll all find Division in this place."
    (Grand Zealot Richter's dialogue)
  43. The Sole Survivor: "What can you tell me about Division?"
    High Confessor Tektus: "Atom's greatest gift. Locked inside us all are billions of invisible worlds, waiting only to be touched by His Glow in order to be born anew through Division. During the Great War, it was granted to many, though they certainly didn't realize it. But today it is often a slow process, taking years of exposure in order to be realized. We are all here to spend our lives seeking the promise of Division, however long it may take. Now, did you have another question?"
    (High Confessor Tektus' dialogue)
  44. The Sole Survivor: "I'm looking for some bombs... nuclear bombs."
    Brother Henri: "You trivialize that which resides here. This place is holy. The Children of Atom have sworn to guard this place until the time of the Great Divide. None shall enter."
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  45. Jalbert Brothers waste disposal is also the name of a location in Fallout 3.
  46. The Lone Wanderer: "Why do you worship the bomb?"
    Confessor Cromwell: "Those who were called to Atom during the Great Division were very fortunate. They were permitted to aid in the process of Atom's creation. We seek the same, both in symbol and in fact and the 'bomb', as you call it, represents Atom's capacity for creation. We kneel before it and ask that Atom call us to aid him. We pray that out of our meager bodies, he will create new life."
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    High Confessor Tektus: "Some do. But most of our family has been blessed at birth with an affinity for the Glow. It's no more to us than a May rain. Warm. Comforting. It's why a place like this island truly is meant for His children. Others simply whither away while we gladly await Division."
    (High Confessor Tektus' dialogue)
  59. 59.0 59.1 59.2 Confessor Cromwell: "Behold! He is coming with the clouds! And every eye shall be blind with his glory! Every ear shall be stricken deaf to hear the thunder of his voice! Let the men, women, and children of the Earth come forth to gather and behold the power of Atom! Let those who dwell here in his favored land attend now to the words of the Prophet of Atom! Come forth and drink the waters of the Glow, for this ancient weapon of war is our salvation, it is the very symbol of Atom's glory! Let it serve as a reminder of the Division that has occurred in the past and the resplendence of the promise of our division in the times to come! Give your bodies to Atom, my friends. Release yourself to his power, feel his Glow, and be Divided. There shall be no tears, no sorrow, no suffering, for in the Division, we shall see our release from the pain and hardships of this world. Yea, your suffering shall exist no longer; it shall be washed away in Atom's Glow, burned from you in the fire of his brilliance. Each of us shall give birth to a billion stars formed from the mass of our wretched and filthy bodies. Each of us shall be mother and father to a trillion civilizations. Each of us shall know peace, shall know an end to pain, and shall know Atom in his glory. I urge you, my friends -- come, drink with me and pray... Glorious Atom, I give unto you these feeble bones. I present to your will this frail body. I beg of you to use me as your vessel, guide me to your brilliance, divide each particle and give relief to this rotten flesh. Cast the fragile form of this ephemeral body into new life in the forge of your Glow. Atom, come -- bestow your presence on your unworthy servant. We stay true, until the Day of Division -- until the dawn of your return to His humble world."
    (Confessor Cromwell's dialogue)
  60. Visions in the Fog
  61. ?: "Scour oneself and embrace the Glow anew."
  62. Mother Maya and Mother Curie III are Atomite prophets who claim to experience both prophetic dreams and waking visions. Generic Children of Atom at the Nucleus also discuss their dreams in spiritual terms.
  63. Child of Atom: "Do I hear whispers from the Glow?" (Generic Children of Atom's dialogue)
  64. Brother Devin: "Holy Atom. From this spot I-- I-is that you? Oh holy... ... oh. I-I'm sorry, brother/sister. I thought you were... never mind. Did you need something?"
    The Sole Survivor: "You seem like you're expecting someone?"
    Brother Devin: "I am. Atom came to me. And I will follow His command."
    The Sole Survivor: "Atom came to you? What'd you see?"
    Brother Devin: "My saving grace. Jet has been my crutch for many years. One day, I was in the woods, polluting myself, when a figure strode from the sky before me. A verdant stag, wreathed in holy Glow. It commanded me to return to the Nucleus, to leave behind my iniquities and give myself fully to Atom. For my dedication, Atom would send another messenger, who would free me from my shackles once and for all. That, brother/sister, is why I must wait."
    The Sole Survivor: "How do you know your vision of Atom's messenger wasn't just a hallucination brought on by the drugs? "
    Brother Devin: "What if it was? Holy Atom spoke to me. Promised to free me from my weakness. He gave me a task. And I will obey."
    (Brother Devin's dialogue)
  65. Reformation
  66. Steven Scarberry: "You are absolutely glowing. Would you mind climbing something tall and jumping around? I think that might attract Him."
    (Steven Scarberry's dialogue)
  67. Confessor Cromwell: "May Atom's Light shine."
    "Light shine on your path."
    (Cromwell's dialogue)
  68. Charles: "The... Light..."
    "The... glow... ah..."
    (Charles' dialogue)
  69. The Lone Wanderer: "I need to enter the monastery."
    Brother Gerard: "I'm afraid it is not open to the unenlightened. Your presence would contaminate our great works. However, if you are willing to be baptized in Atom's holy Light, then perhaps I could allow you to enter and meet our leader."
    (Brother Gerard's dialogue)
  70. Father Clifford: "Today we hear the story of Saint Monica. She was born in Great Lanta on the shores of the Ocean. Her parents were both Ghouls. Yes, that’s right, I said Ghouls. That she was conceived at all was a miracle. That she was born unafflicted was an even greater miracle. God tested Saint Monica. She did not lead an easy life. Sold into slavery by Raiders, she was forced to sell her body. They took her only son, Ehren, from her and sold him. She prayed every night to God for his safety. She did not pray for herself, although her burden was great. Each night she would preach the word of God to the Slavers. After sixteen years, God provided a miracle. One of the Slavers repented his wicked ways and helped her to escape. Four years she looked for Ehren. Four years she wandered the Wasteland. God looked over her in those years. When she found her son, she found he was a wicked man. Ehren had overthrown his masters and taken their place. He was an owner of men. Ehren took his mother to be his slave, even knowing who she was, for Ehren blamed her for his painful early life. Each day Ehren would think of a new and wicked trial to put her through. She would only smile at him and say, "I forgive you." Each morning she would be miraculously healed as if nothing had happened. When Ehren truly realized her love and God's love was boundless, he flung himself at her feet and begged for Saint Monica’s forgiveness. Ehren released all of his slaves, and they rejoiced. He repented all his wicked ways. Who among us is without sin? Who among us can claim to be innocent? Come, brothers and sisters, let us pray to God and Saint Monica for deliverance from our sins, as Ehren was delivered from his. Amen. Let us pray."
    (Clifford's dialogue)
  71. Megaton cult pamphlet
  72. Far Harbor appearances.
  73. "Such machines only serve to separate us from Atom's blessed Glow. Though it is impressive." "Your armor does run on the Glow... so I guess it can't be all bad." (Child of Atom's dialogue, Nucleus)
  74. Atom's Wrath
  75. Mother Maya: "Hello, sweet child. Hello. I don't believe we've met. I'm Mother Maya, prophet of the Atom and embracer of the universal Light."
    (Maya's dialogue)
  76. Confessor Cromwell: "I am Confessor Cromwell, prophet of Atom and father of the undying Glow. Please child, come to the Church any time. Any time at all!"
    ([[ConfessorCromwell.txt|Cromwell's dialogue
  77. The cut Confessor Adalia casts doubt on the assumption that Confessor and Mother are counterparts, as does Cromwell's self-description as a "father"
  78. The Sole Survivor: "There must be another way we could make things right."
    DiMA: "None that I can see. The authority of the High Confessor is absolute. The Children of Atom won't see the need for peace unless he... changes his mind."
    (DiMA's dialogue)
  79. Witch Hunt
  80. The Sole Survivor: "So you're a Zealot? What is that exactly?"
    Zealot Theil: "We are defenders of Atom's faith and guardians of the Nucleus. Most were mercenaries or Trappers before they finally came to Atom. Though Richter apparently was actually a soldier of some rank in his old life, if the rumors are true."
    (Zealot Theil's dialogue)
  81. The Sole Survivor: "The Grand Zealot sent me. Tell me what you can about Sister Gwyneth"
    Zealot Theil: "I'm the Grand Zealot's second. It's my job to ensure the Zealots are fit for the conflict to come against all those who offend Atom."
    (Zealot Theil's dialogue)
  82. Curie III: "Children of the Light, hear my words and feel Atom's warmth! For too long, our world has been barren, and our people have become empty. Their hearts have become dry and cold, and thirst consumes the weak and the strong alike. But we can save them! For Atom's bounty has granted us the gifts of mercy and compassion! Oh, my brethren, let us share with them the Waters of Light! Let them be fulfilled by Atom! Let them know his glow and be truly Enlightened! And let them live forever, and walk with us in the grace of Atom's Glow, and never be empty again!" (Curie III's dialogue)
  83. The Sole Survivor: "It's all right, brother. I'm a Child of Atom, too. I'm part of a church up north. The Nucleus. Near a town called Far Harbor."
    Brother Henri: "Far Harbor? You've seen Atom's holy veil? But, you have traveled so far. I apologize. I-I will not keep you from finishing your pilgrimage. Take this and prepare to enter His inner sanctum. Follow the brilliance of the Glow, and it shall lead you to the relics."
    (Henri's dialogue)
  84. The Lone Wanderer: "What makes you so sure you're right, anyway? Who are you to speak for Atom?"
    Curie III: "I suppose it's a fair question... Ever since I was a girl, I knew I was destined for something special. I always resisted the feeling. Me? Special? But one day I fell asleep during one of the Confessor's sermons. And I had a dream. A dream of the Prophet of Atom. Ablaze with Holy Light! He/She told me of my destiny. Of my mission. I was called to service, and I answered. The only being able to convince me I was wrong, would be the Prophet of Atom himself/herself."
    (Curie III's dialogue) Note: The sex of Atom changes biased on the player's choice during character creation.
  85. 85.0 85.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Tell me about your order."
    Gerard: "Ah, the Apostles of the Eternal Light were first introduced to the majesty of Atom's Glow by the holy teachings of Confessor Cromwell. And we were content to stay in Cromwell's Church, until Atom gave a vision unto our Luminous Mother. She learned that Atom did not call for Division, that sundering which drives us apart. Atom calls for Enlightenment, the warmth which feeds us. For it is only through Atom's supreme and total Enlightenment that we may attain salvation in Eternal Light."
    (Gerard's dialogue)
  86. Exists only via a message box title, DN011ConfessorWesley (00091ABF). The DN011 prefix connects the character to the Boston Public Library.


  1. modiphius.net; Fallout Friday: The Winter War: "The Winter of Atom’s main quest line is going to give players of this expansion for the Fallout tabletop RPG a unique challenge fighting a maniacal sect of the Church of Atom, with a radical megalomaniac leader at its helm. In this third chapter of the book—the middle part of the campaign—the Last Son of Atom’s followers unleash an all-out war on the Commonwealth, while the Last Son seeks out his real objective buried somewhere deep in the Glowing Sea. They say war never changes, but since when did a fighting force like this use a gargantuan mutated centipede as a siege weapon?"
  2. Donothin Frye on Modiphius' Discord: "My reasoning for the Last Son's naming convention was to sort of emphasize the clear departure in certain regards from more common Atomite doctrine with this new group. I mentioned taking inspiration from real world religious splinters, where one new idea and changing the names of clerical ranking or other titles can snowball into the formation of something seen as new—often considered heretical by its origin religious group."
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    Little is known about Cromwell's past: He arrived in his early 20s (he's now 44) and was granted permission to stay due to the blessing and high standing of his successorIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar in the church, who fostered him in the ways of Atom. Eventually, Cromwell proved to be a valuable resource in protecting and aiding the town, and he became an eccentric distraction to most of the citizens of Megaton."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
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    Considered a cult by most outsiders, the Children of Atom worship nuclear material and the radiation it emits. While most members are compelled to spread the word of Atom, Children of Atom are wary of strangers and generally attack trespassers on sight. Unless important business takes you into their territory, approaching a Child of Atom will trigger a firefight.
    Children of Atom congregate in the Crater of Atom, but smaller groups can be found throughout the Commonwealth.
    Children of Atom wear rags that offer very little protection, but prolonged exposure has left them immune to radiation and able to withstand a considerable amount of punishment. Although some Children of Atom rely on a variety of handmade pipe guns, others favor the radiation damage offered by gamma guns. Whenever possible, equip armor that offers radiation resistance or stock up on RadAway before engaging these fanatics."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Groups, Gangs, and Factions)
  5. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.74: "Gob
    Treated as a freakish, second-class citizen by many people in Megaton (particularly Colin Moriarty), Gob is skittish and nervous, always looking over his shoulder. He does his best to maintain a sense of humor and to be friendly with customers, but this is mostly out of his desire not to be beaten. Confessor Cromwell and Mother Maya treat Gob with respect and an air of reverence because of their spiritual beliefs."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  6. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p. 86: "Mother Maya
    Mother Maya is 41 and Confessor Cromwell's female counterpart. She and Cromwell are actually husband and wife, but they don't go out of their way to advertise the fact, because they're both so busy promoting the ideals of the church."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
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Fallout: The Roleplaying Game

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  2. 2.0 2.1 Winter of Atom, p. 193: "Isolde fears the Last Son will use Whately Research Facility’s blasphemous stockpile of chemical weapons against her sect and his other enemies. Her sect is non-violent, and they worry that there will never be peace in the Commonwealth so long as the Last Son lives."
  3. Winter of Atom p.193: "Isolde considers him a heretic and false prophet, leading the Children astray with promises of awakening Atom and opening gateways to other universes."
  4. "“He left in search of ruins of an old-world military base— Whately Research Facility. What resides within is no gift of Atom’s.” Isolde reveals that she knows the Last Son’s location but does not elaborate on how she received the information. The facility is hidden underground beneath a buried church 12-hours trek west of the crater. The Last Son claimed that he would awaken Atom and open gateways to other universes once he found the facility. He promised those who followed him they would find paradise there—and their enemies would know hell." -Winter of Atom, p. 214
  5. "Mother Isolde assures me Atom will guide me and keep me safe on my mission, but I am still afraid. I remember the Last Son when he stayed here. So kind to us and helping with our struggles, so eager to please. He would smile and speak gently to offer me help, and I would have to play along and listen to his blasphemous ideas. It was worse after he started taking the chems. I watched him once. Berry Mentats, Ultra Jet, and X-Cell, all in one go. I was sure the mix would kill him, but it just made him more confident of his heresy. He was ranting and raving about how the chems would protect his mind from Atom’s Glow so he could lead his flock to paradise. He’d whisper at night of dreams about a child and an obelisk buried beneath the earth. I will do as she asks and follow the false prophet. I will discover the truth behind his lies so that all will know he is no Son of Atom and no Child of this Church. And when my mission is complete, I know Atom will reward me with his Glow as he rewards all his faithful." (Sister Dawn’s Journal, Winter of Atom, p. 211)
  6. Winter of Atom, p.211: "Sister Dawn’s Journal The journal contains the following key entry: Mother Isolde assures me Atom will guide me and keep me safe on my mission, but I am still afraid. I remember the Last Son when he stayed here. So kind to us and helping with our struggles, so eager to please. He would smile and speak gently to offer me help, and I would have to play along and listen to his blasphemous ideas. It was worse after he started taking the chems. I watched him once. Berry Mentats, Ultra Jet, and X-Cell, all in one go. I was sure the mix would kill him, but it just made him more confident of his heresy. He was ranting and raving about how the chems would protect his mind from Atom’s Glow so he could lead his flock to paradise. He’d whisper at night of dreams about a child and an obelisk buried beneath the earth. I will do as she asks and follow the false prophet. I will discover the truth behind his lies so that all will know he is no Son of Atom and no Child of this Church. And when my mission is complete, I know Atom will reward me with his Glow as he rewards all his faithful."
  7. Winter of Atom, p.229: "Do not reveal their whereabouts until the rest of the party reaches R6. The Obsidian Obelisk."
  8. Winter of Atom, p.231: "The Abomination and Obelisk. He considers the tentacled abomination his literal brother— the First Son of Atom. It whispered to him in his dreams and showed him how to read the hieroglyphs on the obelisk. That is how he learned to remove Atom’s Glow from the obelisk and control its power."
  9. Winter of Atom, p.234: "The Last Son of Atom created this custom suit of power armor from an unfinished X-01 Power Armor prototype. He painted its dark red-steel casing with numerous yellow atomic symbols. Long, bladed tendrils hang from the suit’s arms. When the armor is powered, the arm tendrils sometimes writhe with a biomechanical mind of their own. The helmet piece is partially transparent, revealing the face of whoever wears the armor. Special: When powered, the armor’s strange and experimental scientific alterations allow its helmet to show the wearer details about nearby creatures. The wearer automatically detects non-robot creatures within Long range and gains a vague sense of their current actions, physical health, and emotional state."
  10. Winter of Atom, p.229: "The Children of Atom only managed to excavate a tiny portion of the buried city that pre-dates known history before the Last Son uncovered the crystalline device he’d long dreamt of. The PCs arrive after the Last Son finally integrates the device into his power armor. While wearing the modified armor, he controls the actions of anyone under the effects of the device’s energy field. Wherever he goes, the device’s energy field affects the minds of creatures within several miles."
  11. Winter of Atom p.102: "The Children of Atom are taking over the All Faiths Chapel, citing that they need a place from which they can help the locals. Pastor Clements strongly opposes their occupation of the chapel. Most Lower Field residents trust the Children of Atom and support their speaking out about the resource hoarding of the Upper Stand residents. Lower Stands locals frequently agree with the Church’s critical view of the Minutemen—who they claim are nothing more than a self-serving militia looking for a foothold in the city."
  12. Winter of Atom, p. 214: "“He left in search of ruins of an old-world military base— Whately Research Facility. What resides within is no gift of Atom’s.” Isolde reveals that she knows the Last Son’s location but does not elaborate on how she received the information. The facility is hidden underground beneath a buried church 12-hours trek west of the crater. The Last Son claimed that he would awaken Atom and open gateways to other universes once he found the facility. He promised those who followed him they would find paradise there—and their enemies would know hell."
  13. 13.0 13.1 13.2 13.3 13.4 Winter of Atom, p. 71: "The Children of Atom Tinkerers. Two women, Esther and Eliza, control the battling robots. The pair are friends and occasional lovers with a deep interest in robotics. They regularly build robots to fight against one another, and the pit surrounding the platform is littered with their cast-offs. They are generally friendly, though Esther is slightly sour at losing the most recent battle. PCs who succeed on a CHA + Speech test with a difficulty of 1 can convince the pair that they are not hostile. Increase the difficulty of the test by 2 if the PCs made a lot of noise fighting Children of Atom guards elsewhere in the tunnel. If they succeed, PCs can get Esther and Eliza to open up about what the Children are doing in the sewers by spending AP to Obtain Information. If the test fails, Eliza and Esther become hostile. Some information that might be revealed during the conversation:
    • They serve Atom under the guidance of Brother Schumacher, a priest of the Children of Atom. They came to the area from the far northeast and had nothing to do with the Last Son of Atom’s sect.
    • They are wardens of the Rad Church, a holy site in the sewers. Their sect of the Church won’t look kindly on anybody interfering with it.
    • The Last Son of Atom and his sect aren’t looked on favorably by the other denominations of the Church. Many are wary of the Last Son’s zealotry and profane beliefs. However, so far, relations have remained peaceful between sects.
    • The Last Son’s disciples in the tunnels beyond Brother Schumacher’s domain will not respond well to the PCs’ attempt to secure a supply route. The acolytes stalk the sewers with terrifying mutants at their side.If a fight breaks out, Eliza ducks behind some scrap to gain 2CD cover. She uses the bot’s remote control (see Eliza’s Dragon, Remote Controlled) to attack the PCs. Meanwhile, Esther tries to escape to warn Brother Schumacher."
  14. "The ubiquity of Red Rocket and their brand imagery has given it something of a mythic influence over people of the wasteland, turning it into an icon of the safety and prosperity of a vanished age. In Megaton, for example, the Church of the Atom building is topped with a Red Rocket sign scrounged from one station or another. Rumors also circulate of a massive vault, Vaultopolis, built beneath the company's headquarters building some time before the War."
    (Fallout: The Roleplaying Game)
  15. Winter of Atom, p. 205: “Radiant Atom, we offer up to you our beloved sister’s feeble bones. Relieve her of this rotten flesh, this fragile body. Call her back to your brilliance so she may live eternally in the forge of your Glow—so she may live forever in our hearts. Amen.”
  16. Winter of Atom, p. 125: GLOWING FOR YOU If the PCs take the time to attend one of Fusion Susan’s shows at the Oasis, you can describe one of her performances and the song she sings with the follow- ing narration: The lights dim over the Oasis stage, fading into warm sunset tones as Fusion Susan slinks onto the stage and into the spotlight. As light jazz music starts to play from the one-person Protectron band, Fusion Susan croons, singing with powerful longing, wearing her desperate love on her sleeve. Her performance moves all those with a warm heart to tears. “Glowing for you is easy living It’s easy to glow when you know There’s nothing in this wasteland but you I never regret the years I’m giving It’s easy to give when you’re in love I’m happy to do whatever I do for you Maybe I’m a fool It’s almost cruel For I believe You’re the Atom to my Eve Glowing for you is easy living It’s easy to glow when you’re in love I’m atomically glowing for you”
  17. Winter of Atom, p. 208-209:
    Old Boomy is a battered Mr. Handy who speaks with a low resonant voice. He desires to “split” in a grand explosion before decommissioning from age and wear. As a devout follower of Atom, he believes achieving Division will allow him to atone for his past sins. Before finding the crater, he aided in Vault 95’s vile experiments. Programmed to administer medicine to recovering addicts, he did nothing to stop Vault-Tec’s secret plan to later reintroduce addictive substances to Vault 95’s populace. The social experiment ended in carnage, and Old Boomy deeply regrets his part in the Vault’s destruction. After the Gunners opened the Vault, he escaped and found Lil Boomy powered down in a stasis pod. He awoke the robot and named him—the pair have been together ever since. Old Boomy’s plans to end his life on his terms have caused a rift in his relationship with his best friend. The younger robot cannot reconcile with Old Boomy’s desire for Division. Old Boomy features in Side Quest: A Dividing Detonation, p.212.

    Lil Boomy joined the Children of Atom when he and Old Boomy found the crater and decided to stay. He has an energetic personality, a higher-pitched voice, and fidgets if he waits in one spot too long. While Lil Boomy has come to have faith in Atom, he is torn between his beliefs and what they mean for Old Boomy. Lil Boomy never experienced life before the Great War and struggles to process grief, leaving him distraught at the idea of losing his best friend. The usually happy-go-lucky robot has taken on an angry, upset demeanor since Old Boomy announced his plans and is desperate to change his mind.
  18. "If the PCs refuse to cooperate, a desperate battle begins for control over the freighter and its hoard of food stores. Brother Scrapjaw, a Children of Atom Shock Trooper, commands the Atomite unit that acts in the following ways: ƒ 10 Children of Atom Fanatics attempt to ascend the outer hull with grappling guns. ƒ 5 Children of Atom Fanatics stay back to provide cover fire with bolt-action pipe rifles, targeting enemies who expose themselves on the Top Side. ƒ A trained Yao Guai charges the outer hull and uses its massive claws to rip open an entrance to the lower decks of the USS Germination." (Winter of Atom, p. 95)

Cut content

  1. "7. But His prophets were not swayed, and through them Atom's bonds were broken and His trumpets soundeth as the breaking of the world 8. And where His shackles were loosed a tree of light grew upon the earth and in its blooming, cast forth a cleansing fire"
    (The Great DivisionCut content)