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The Church of Hubology is location in NCR Town.


The Church of Hubology is a branch of the Hubologists in the New California Republic, led by the Enlightened One. She also leads the service and preaches their religion. The Hubologists conduct peaceful activities and do not seek conflict with others, but some person is interested in the destruction of this NCR office.

The Chosen One can join the movement by passing the zeta scan. After that, they will take an initial degree of purification.


A small three-room church, consisting of a prayer room with eight chairs, a meeting room with two tables and the Enlightened One's bedroom.

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  • After receiving the zeta scan from Enlightened One, the player character won't be able to receive one from AHS-7 later on. AHS-7 provides a slightly different version of the zeta scan.
  • Accepting the zeta scan from the Enlightened One before starting Kill Hubologist in NCR for Merk quest will prevent the player character from choosing one of the quest resolutions.


The Church of Hubology appears only in Fallout 2.