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For those not ready to fully commit we have Adapt-a-Shrubbery.Church of Harold brochure

The Church of Harold is a cult formed around the worship of an FEV mutant called Harold. It is active on the West Coast.


The Church of Harold was founded by FEV mutants Blahblahwanna Rubra and Yaddayadda Glutinos (pre-FEV Bill Smith and Rex Rong) soon after an event simply referred to as the Great Shaking. Rubra and Glutinos' encounter with Harold, or tales of his influence over events in the wasteland, inspired them to create a religious organization. The Church was set up for the "lost", those lacking hope and feeling unfulfilled by life's "hints" for a satisfactory solution, and is open to all, including Numens as well as Oldmens, the latter so allowed out of Harold's respect for certain post-War individuals providing hope for the race.[1]

It places no limits on the expectations of its followers, but it promises nothing and does not guarantee answers, however claims it will back up what it does proclaim. Despite its generic, almost vague, foundation, its aim remains hopeful; Our mission, stemming from the Union of Plant and Numen, is to Rebuild the world, one Twig at a time... ...All may know the peace that comes from following the Path of Harold. The Way is the Way.In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar


Being part the Church entails adopting its customs. The Wearing of the Green is a simple symbol of faith representing Harold's tree, Bob, it requires wearing a plant on the head. More devout followers may undergo trephination (cutting a circular hole in the skull) followed by the nurturing of a tree in the hole, this is the final step towards becoming a "Vessel".[2]

Members must also take on a special diet described as "Past Vegetarianism"In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar. This diet excludes meat, with uncertainty over fish,[3] but does allow insects. Other foodstuffs include: milk, honey, sap and fruit (providing all seeds are saved).


Alder is a position of higher leadership among the Church or is reserved for successful founders of a chapter, and can be held by more than one person, shown by Blahblahwanna Rubra and Yaddayadda Glutinos.

Beech is an influential rank among the Church, it is the only rank, other than Alder, a member is advised to talk to about "Plant protection classes".In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar

Seedling and Sprout are considered the start of the path to becoming an Alder.[4]


  • Harold's tree appears to be worshipped simultaneously or is revered as holy entity, represented by a halo seen in depictions of Harold.
  • A Church of Harold brochure was produced to promote the cult, as well as an opportunity to fundraise through advertisements of various products.
  • Writers such as Tim Mondo Zetta collaborate with the cult by propagating Harold's influence, arguing he had a greater, untold, involvement over the events surrounding the Vault Dweller and the Chosen One.[5]
  • A similar East Coast cult, called the Treeminders, also exists.


It was to appear in Fallout Online, Interplay's original canceled Project V13. They also appear in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 2, a newsletter leading to the project.



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