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Chryslus Motors was a pre-War automobile manufacturer.


Before the war, Chryslus was a company that harnessed fusion power to create commercially viable personal transportation[1] going as far as to sponsor an exhibit at the Museum of Technology to display the history of transportation, complete with a two-story replica of a modern fusion engine.[2]

The first cars entered the market in 2070. Reassuringly big and American, they sold out within days despite the hefty price tag.[Non-game 1] Production was limited due to the ongoing conversion of civilian factories for military purposes.[Non-game 2][Non-game 3] In terms of price, a Corvega sold for $199,999.99 per unit in 2077.[3] Even post-War, their reputation as being a reliable and well-built automobile with minimal upkeep remains.[4][5][6] Such pre-War vehicles are commonly found throughout the wastelands.


Model name Image Description
A pristine sedan in Fallout 3
Another variant of a full size sedan, a true road cruiser with a massive body and a nuclear engine.
Fo4 Corvega Blitz Iso.png
An economical and family friendly coupe, the Blitz was a variant of the Corvega line designed to combine good performance with low maintenance requirements, excellent fuel efficiency, and four seats.[7]
A stylish design with a tough and resilient frame. The car shares technology with the Chryslus Corvega with a fully analog system with no electronics and over 800 horsepower.
Cherry Bomb
FO76 Cherry Bomb.png
A single-seat design, based on the goal of breaking the sound barrier.
Fusion Flea Supreme
FO76 Fusion Flea-.png
A pre-War ultra-sub-compact city transport featuring three-wheels and an advanced Chryslus nuclear-powered engine

Corvega brand

Corvega was the flagship brand of Chryslus Motors and one of the dominant forces on the automotive market after the resource crisis rendered combustion engines unmarketable.[Non-canon 1] The price of an old model Corvega in 2077 was $199,999.99.[3] However, despite their popularity, coupes manufactured in 2077 had a tendency to leak coolant.[6] Such pre-War vehicles are commonly found throughout the wastelands.


The corporate headquarters of the company, the Chryslus Building, and Corvega factory were located in Washington, D.C. and an assembly plant is located in Boston.


  • "...for those who want more."
  • "Driving paradise."
  • "Nothing can stop a Highwayman."[4][5]
  • "Life is a race. Win!"[8]


Behind the scenes

  • The company name is derived from Chrysler and General Motors, both American automobile manufacturers headquartered in Michigan.
  • The Cherry Bomb appears in Forza Motorsport 6, renamed as the "Chryslus Rocket 69." It is available for all Fallout 4 players. The new name of the car is a reference to a song of the same name "Rocket 69" which was released in 1954 and sung by Connie Allen. Rocket 69 is featured in Fallout 4 and is played on Diamond City Radio.
  • Concept art shows several products such as the Atomic V2, V6, V8, and VX engines.[Non-game 4][Non-game 5]
  • In promotional material, Chryslus is described as investing heavily in building a corporate culture that promoted loyalty, including celebrations of employment milestones. At two years, employees received a commemorative hard enamel pin, postcard and a replica Fusion Flea Supreme.[Non-game 6] At five, they received a commemorative replica of the Chryslus Pick-R-Up.[Non-game 7]



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