The Cherry Bomb is a sports car appearing in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


The Cherry Bomb is a fancy sports car with a design optimized for aerodynamics, and was advertised on billboards as "The first car to break the sound barrier" in 2069. It has a low overall profile with wedged front and a tapered, boat-like nose, and can seat only one person under an all-glass bubble top. Rather than a typical steering wheel found in other pre-War vehicles, the Cherry Bomb appeared to have been controlled using a joystick, and the gauges replaced with a single large screen, the steering being representative of the Firebird 3, a concept car in 1959. It also slightly resembles the Firebird 3 with its low, lean design.



  • Despite being a supposedly high-end sports car, it is a common appearance in the Commonwealth and Appalachia.
  • Its billboard ads' claim of "being able to break the sound barrier" would mean it is capable of attaining a road speed of higher than 767 mph (1,234 km/h), although it is likely hyperbole as being able to attain such a speed in a civilian car would be immensely impractical and impossible for a number of reasons.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Forza Motorsport 6, this car is called "Chryslus Rocket 69" and is drivable to those who played either Forza Motorsport 6 or Fallout 4 during the first quarter of 2016. For more information, see the Chryslus Rocket 69's Forza Motorsport Wiki article.


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