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Gametitle-FO4 CC

The chrome paint is a paint scheme from Fallout 4's Creation Club, obtainable after installing the "Captain Cosmos" and/or the power armor paint job - Chrome mod.


On the T- series and X-01 power armor pieces it appears as a shiny silver coating with small spots of rust. On the CC-00 power armor it's a paint scheme with a semi-reflective silver base and an orange trim. If the standalone Chrome paint scheme isn't downloaded it can only be painted onto the CC-00.


The paint job increases Perception by +1 when all armor pieces are painted with a Perception-boosting paint.


Beyond the "Captain Cosmos" or "Power Armor Paint Job - Chrome" Creation Club purchase, there are no special prerequisites to crafting this paint scheme.

Oil (2)
Steel (2)
Icon range
Icon level
Chrome CC-00 piece (1)
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