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Christmas plans is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found in the Charleston Capitol Building in the office of Abigale Poole.


Abigale Poole: Oh, sit down Tanner. I swear, you could talk the bark off a tree.

Tanner Holbrook: Stuff it, Abigale. What is this nonsense about throwing a Christmas party? We are already rationing supplies and if we have another winter like '78...

Abigale Poole: Our people need this. They've been struggling on for years through the war, radiation, mutants, and raiders... They need something normal. Something to give them hope that things will be better.

Tanner Holbrook: We don't have the supplies! We need to keep them for the war effort! And waiting to hold the town hall till I was out meeting those Brotherhood rebels is beyond deceitful.

Abigale Poole: You think I'm some dumb hick, just on account o' the fact that you abandoned your people and your accent. I know that you're trying to sway the vote next spring by letting your friends horde food. I've checked the ledgers. Don't do in the dark what you don't want brought out in the light, Tanner.

Tanner Holbrook: I- You! Infuriating!

Abigale Poole: If you're fixin' to have a fit, best sit down before you bite your tongue clean off. Wouldn't want to ruin my carpet. It's all gonna be donated food, and we'll only keep the lights on for a couple hours. And if your sweet, I might even let you wear the Santa suit.

Tanner Holbrook: I. WILL. NEVER!!!

Abigale Poole: You forgot your Christmas present! It's bourbon! To remind you of where you come from!! Good. Melody deserves this more anyway.