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You are the Chosen. You must do.Hakunin's final words to the Chosen One

The Chosen One is the player character in Fallout 2 and the grandchild of the Vault Dweller.

The player can customize the character's gender and age (between 16 and 35). The article is written in a gender-neutral manner to reflect this.


Family ties[]

The bloodline of the wasteland's most influential tribe member extends all the way back to the Vault Dweller and their spouse, Pat.[Non-game 1] As the child of the village elder, the Chosen One is a member of the third generation of former Vault 13 dwellers living outside the Vault, similar to how their grandparent was the third generation to live in a Vault.

The quest[]

The Chosen One was trained from birth to become the tribe's champion, and, in the future, their elder. Part of these trials were drug sessions with Hakunin, with the final stage of the Chosen One's development being the Temple of Trials; a trial the Chosen One's mother had also completed long ago. After completing their training, the Chosen One was sent out by the people of Arroyo to find a Garden of Eden Creation Kit, which was believed to have the power to make the failing village thrive once more.

Exploits in the Wasteland[]

In the course of the Chosen One's journey, they changed the wasteland in many ways, both great and small. Their exploits brought excitement to the boring Klamath,[1] they ruined Rose's unique cuisine in Modoc by shooting her deathclaw in the eye[2] and earned the friendship and protection of John Cassidy.[3]

In their travels further south, they exposed the Broken Hills' anti-mutant conspirators' attempt to rid the town of super mutants, thereby earning the loyalty and friendship of the sheriff, Marcus, who joined them on their quest.[4] After visiting New Reno, they may have become the parent of a child who would eventually become the feared and powerful leader of the Bishop crime family.[5]

Some of their most important deeds took place in Shady Sands, once they entered NCR lands. By killing Darion, leader of the New Khans, they arranged for the Vault 15 squatters to voluntarily join the NCR. This proved that President Tandi's policy of peaceful expansion could be successful, which resulted in a campaign for the NCR's further expansion.[6]

The Enclave[]

Eventually, the Chosen One found the G.E.C.K. in Vault 13, but they also discovered that there was more at stake than just the future of their village. The Enclave, a vicious para-military organization formed from select members of the pre-War government and the military-industrial complex, abducted the tribals of Arroyo, in order to develop a biological agent capable of wiping out 95% of the entire planet's population, outside of those specially inoculated, in power armor, and those in bunkers like Vaults.

Their journey to defeat the Enclave took them to Navarro, where it was documented that they infiltrated the military base, where they were caught by its drill sergeant without the Enclave's regulatory uniform. Taken for a fresh transfer, they were given the world's loudest berating.[7] While there, the Chosen One freed Xarn,[Non-game 2] killed the Enclave scientist Dr. Schreber, and repaired a cyberdog named K-9; later leaving him under the care of a mechanic named Dorothy.[Non-game 3]

The Chosen One reached the Enclave's headquarters through the use of an old tanker, the PMV Valdez. They destroyed the oil rig by triggering a meltdown of its reactor, and freed both their people and the captured Vault 13 dwellers, killing both President Richardson and Frank Horrigan in the process. This act shattered the Enclave's control on the West Coast, forcing the survivors to flee east or go into hiding.


With the G.E.C.K. in their hands, the Chosen One, along with the Arroyo tribals and the Vault 13 dwellers, founded the city of New Arroyo and reunited the two bloodlines that had been separated for three generations. The village elder, pleased with the reunion, found peace and passed away a few months later, leaving the leadership of the village to the Chosen One. With the combination of the Vault dwellers' technical know-how and the tribals' survival skills, New Arroyo thrived under the Chosen One's rule, and grew into a powerful civilization.[8]

Inspired by the Chosen One's example, Marcus wandered east after Broken Hills dispersed, eventually founding Jacobstown in the Mojave Wasteland. He and the Chosen One would never hear from each other again, but if the Courier asks about the Chosen One, Marcus replies that he has a feeling that everything worked out for them in the end.[9]

The Chosen One was also remembered by other individuals. While not being born at the time it happened, Klamath Bob still would tell stories about the tribal that visited the town of Klamath and stirred up the place,[1] and Cannibal Johnson would reminisce of their visit to Navarro.[7]

Family tree[]

Vault Dweller
Arroyo elder
Unnamed man
Unnamed man
Chosen One
Leslie Anne Bishop OR Angela Bishop
Chosen One's sibling
Unnamed spouse
Mr. Bishop
Unnamed woman
Mr. Bishop's daughter


  • The Chosen One uses the same sprites as the Vault Dweller from Fallout.
  • The Chosen One receives their ancestor's Vault 13 suit through a Temple of Trials quest given to them by the Arroyo village elder.
  • One may also choose one of three pre-made characters with their own backstories to be the Chosen One: Chitsa, Mingan or Narg.
  • The Chosen One, alongside the Courier, is one of the only canonical protagonists in the Fallout series to not start out of a Vault.


The Chosen One appears in Fallout 2 and is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes[]



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