For the similarly-named note in Fallout 76, see Chore list.

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Chores list is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. It is recorded by Bray Husky.


At Haddock Cove, on a table with ammo next to the weapons workbench.



Bray Husky: Ok, lunkheads, listen up. These here are the chores for the month. I'm only making one of these, so pass it around. And, no I will not be changing my mind again, so stop asking, Braun. Luke, you're in charge of fishing and cleaning fish and cooking fish. Just about anything to do with fish. That's your job, ok? Rowan, you're on building and repairs. Seems like some of the baseboards keep getting loose or torn up. I'm not sure what's getting at them, but fix it. Braun, you've got brush removal again. Gotta clear our line of sights. And, yes, you may have to work at night, you big baby. I don't care what you hear. I pulled day guard duty again. We'll swap around at night, same as last month. Even you, Braun, so don't even start whining. That's it. You don't like it, tough? This is how we get things done around here. Wait, is this thing still on? Damn it! Is it this button? No, of course not. I swear I'm gonna throw this thing in the water. Argh!

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