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The Chop Shop is a location near New Reno in Fallout 2 that is only accessible once the Chosen One has acquired the Highwayman.


Situated in a derelict Pep Gas electric car charging station station,[1] the Chop Shop is a garage with a variety of lots of tools and vehicles. Inside, T-Ray and his band of mechanics work in the Chop Shop for Mr. Bishop, where they remove fuel cells and old batteries from derelict cars to sell them for profit.

Related quests

T-Ray and his band of mechanics are responsible for the theft of the Highwayman during the quest to recover your stolen car and have it taken to the Chop Shop to be "upgraded" and sold to Mr. Bishop. The Chosen One must locate the Chop Shop in order to retrieve the Highwayman.

Shop inventory

This shop restocks every 13-15 days.[2]



Although the Chop Shop only shows up on the New Reno town map after having been there, the location can be reached at any time by pressing the "5" key on the town map screen.

Behind the scenes

A "chop shop" is a location or business that disassembles ("chops") automobiles with the purpose of selling them as parts.


  1. Message on arrival: "This looks like an old electrical pre-war charging station. A graveyard of stripped cars surrounds the buildings."
  2. "This box is for our angry friend" scripting file