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We offer the best choice lean cuts— Shop sign

Choice Chops is an unmarked location in Diamond City in 2287. It is owned and operated by Polly as a butcher shop selling cuts of meat from a wide range of animals. The shop specializes in brahmin meat, sourced from the Codman family farms.


This building in the city's infield (on First Street near the Diamond City market) has two levels and three entrances: a ground-level door to Polly's house to the left of her small covered shop stall, a hatch on the roof to Polly's house, and a door on the roof to a meat locker. The stall includes a table, a cooker, a rusty barbecue, and a sink. This is where Polly prepares meat for sale to the passing public during the day. A painted metal billboard above the house door bears the establishment's name, noting "We offer the best choice lean cuts." Other advertisements on the front walls declare "Always pleased to MEAT you!," "Butcher on duty," and "Come in, we're FRIENDLY." Another metal advertising board on the tin roof above the stall is in the shape of a brahmin, and shows the various cuts of meat and the weight of each.

Polly's house consists of a single open room with sets of rusting metal shelves used for storage, a dilapidated kitchen area with meat joints on the work surface, and a small living area including an owned bed at the back. Polly's Novice-locked terminal is on the east wall near the bed. A metal ladder and hatch exit to the roof, providing access to the meat locker, in which the only lootable item is a single extinguisher.

Notable loot


The Choice Chops key is needed to enter Polly's house and the meat locker without lockpicking the Novice-locked doors and roof hatch.


Choice Chops appears only in Fallout 4.