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This is a transcript for dialogue with Chloe.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00245D20 0018E081 Children. Such vile things. To herself
2 0018E083 I think you've hidden long enough! Calling out
3 0018E0BB Where is that wretched child... To herself
4 0018E0BC Leslie! Come out, come out wherever you are! Calling out
5 0018E0BD Come now, Leslie. This is no time for games! To herself
6 00247470 0031E5C2 Not now, Leslie. Do you not have some toys to play with? Reluctant.
7 0031E5C3 Not seeing you... To herself, sing-songy, trying to ignore the player.
8 0031E5C4 *sigh* Let's play a game of hide and seek, no? Reluctant sigh, but then forcing a happy attitude.
9 You hide, and I shall seek... after counting to one thousand. Upbeat and happy at first, then more to herself at the end.
10 0031E5C5 Why, Leslie, you look quite tired. Why don't you lie down and take a nice, long nap. Trying to sound nice.
11 0031E5C6 Ah, mon petit. Someday you must learn to play on your own... Perhaps we start today! Teacher to child attitude and then excitement at the end.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
12 SFS02_Play_ChloeIntroHellos 0018E065 If you ignore me, your parents will certainly hear of this.
13 0018E068 Leslie, this instant!
14 0018E080 Right now, Leslie. Don't dally.
15 SFS02_Play_ChloeIntro 0018E020 Now that I can confirm you are still in one piece, you may have your designated play time.
16 0018E050 In fact, why not, as you say, kill two birds with one stone, and go play down by the river.
17 You can collect the samples you need for your upcoming science project for local wildlife.
18 I think the instructions say you need unique samples of three different specimens.
19 0018E051 Why not pick some flowers in the forest? What a beautiful gift they would be for your parents, no?
20 I'm thinking a variety would be quite lovely.
21 0018E061 And, if I remember correctly and my memory banks are intact, you have a play date with one of your friends.
22 I've added the location to your Pip-Boy so you won't get lost.
23 0018E062 Your parents told me you left some of your toys at an old play date. And I think it's the perfect time to get them back.
24 0018DEB4 Now, run along, and remember... no talking to strangers along the way.
25 SFS02_Play_SophieOnQuest 0000219A *sigh* I've never seen a child so reluctant about play time.
26 0000219D Go on now, Leslie. You may be getting a bit... older, but I'm still your nanny. Run along!
27 000021A0 You're still here? Did we not just discuss your itinerary?
28 00002216 Don't you have something to do? Something that's... not here?
29 00002245 Don't linger, Leslie. It's not polite.
30 0018E001 Ah, Leslie. There you are. Come speak to me this instant! You gave me quite a fright.
31 SFS02_Play_SophieOnQuestIdles 0003A24A Now where was I... Children are such a distraction.
32 0003A24C If only nap time could be three or four hours. I'm sure everyone would be happier.
33 0003A24D I suppose I could tidy up while Leslie is away, but where to even begin?
34 0003A250 Children grow awfully quickly these days.
35 0003A251 It's unfortunate my programming doesn't allow for greater job satisfaction.
36 SFS02_Play_ChloeEnd 001416AE Pity, I mean perfect. It's so good to see you again, Leslie. Now why don't you go to your room to play?
37 001416E1 Miss Chloe needs some peace and quiet. Perhaps a nap would be best. Now, run along!
38 001416DE Returned so soon?
39 0018E000 You are never to run off without permission again. You had me quite worried, and I cannot even imagine what your parents would think.
40 00521A68 Returned so soon?
41 00521A69 Returned so soon?