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Chinese pistols are sidearms designed or produced by the People's Republic of China.


Chinese pistol

Gameplay article: Fallout 3

The Chinese pistol is a recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistol. The bolt and barrel are locked by a vertically tilting locking piece with two lugs locking into recesses beneath the bolt. It features an adjustable sight for up to 1,000 yards, though it's mostly a cosmetic feature, as the ammunition it is made for stops being accurate at less than a quarter of that distance. Unlike most modern pistols, the Chinese pistol is loaded from a stripper clip into a fixed, non-removable box magazine.[1] However, it enjoyed renewed popularity and widespread deployment as the standard sidearm of the People's Liberation Army during the Sino-American War.[2]

Zhu-Rong v418

Gameplay article: Fallout 3

Zhu-Rong v418, developed for the People's Republic of China under the codename ZRIN by L.O.B. Enterprises, is a man-portable incendiary weapon built on the basis of a standard Chinese sidearm. The key component is an acumist barrel, replacing the standard one. Upon pressing the trigger, a standard 10mm round is fired and partially liquefied by the barrel coating. Upon impact, it liquifies entirely and delivers incendiary damage. Retardant jacketing and internal heat diffusers protect the operator's hands and fingers from injury. These properties give it superior accuracy and performance over other ZRIN prototypes, enough to qualify it as a production candidate.[3]

Earlier prototypes were much less successful. ZRIN-363 weighed 118.3 kg (261 lbs) and emitted dangerous fumes.[4] The next model, ZRIN-375, used a proprietary ammunition type based on the 10mm round. However, the caplet with amalgamating agents, while creating spectacular firebursts and shrapnel projection in line with the project requirements, it proved excessively sensitive: Ammunition could explode due to vibration produced by simply walking.[5] The penultimate functional prototype, ZRIN-401, rectified all of these problems, by using standard 10mm ammunition and using an acumist barrel to superheat the projectiles, but the lack of heat protection meant using it for prolonged periods of time was hazardous to the operator.[6]

The v418 was the final version of the project and was slated for mass production, smuggled in by the CEO of the company.[7] However, a federal investigation led to the discovery of their involvement with the Chinese military, and the company's office in Falls Church was raided by the authorities shortly before the Great War. The company was subsequently shut down, causing the gun to remain the only prototype in existence.[8]

Simulation Chinese pistol

FO3OA weapon chinesepistol.png
Gameplay article: Operation: Anchorage

A Chinese pistol found only in the Operation Anchorage simulation. It has a unique clean appearance and an extremely high durability. Within the simulation, Chinese pistols are carried by Crimson Dragoons guarding the listening post, however they are never seen using them in combat.

A cut version of the weapon, Chinese Dragoon pistol, was apparently intended for use in the normal game after completion of the simulation and uses the normal stats.


The Chinese pistol appears as a non-interactive object in Fallout: New Vegas, seen on display on the far wall of the hidden "special inventory" room in Mick and Ralph's. Most of the resources for this weapon remain in the game's files, however no completed version of the weapon exists within the game itself.

Behind the scenes

  • The Chinese pistol is based upon the Shanxi Type-17, first produced in 1929 by the Taiyuan Arsenal for the army of Yan Xishan, based on the Mauser C96 pistol.
  • The weapon's manufacturing label, printed in traditional Chinese characters, can be seen in the texture file. They are inscribed "一七式" (One-Seven) on the left hand side of the pistol, while the right side is marked "民國十八年晉造" (Republic Year Eighteen, Made in Shanxi). The serial number, 1861 is also stamped on the weapon.
  • The weapon model has no firing pin.



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