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For this item in other games, see Chinese officer sword.

The Chinese officer sword is a weapon in Fallout 76.


The Chinese officer's sword is, as the name implies, a People's Liberation Army officer's dress sword. It has a straight, double-edged blade and an ornately decorated handguard and pommel.

Weapon modificationsEdit

ModDescriptionWeapon prefixIcon damageIcon weightIcon merchantPerk(s) requiredComponentsBase ID
No upgradeAdhesive x2
Screw x1
Steel x8
Serrated bladeTargets bleed. Exceptional damage.Serrated+2 +? Icon bleed+0.6+16Makeshift Warrior 3Adhesive x1
Fiberglass x2
Oil x2
Steel x10
Electrified bladeAdds electrical damage.Electrified+? Icon electrical+0.6+81Makeshift Warrior 3Adhesive x2
Aluminum x5
Circuitry x2
Rubber x2



  • Three can be found in the Fujiniya Intelligence Base under the Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant:
    • On a shelf in the righthand room upon entering.
    • One in a small armory in the room with the silo control console behind a maglocked door.
    • One in the main armory on a wooden shelf behind a maglocked door.
  • Can be sold by Grahm.
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