The Chinese jumpsuit and the Chinese commando hat are pieces of clothing in Fallout 3.


The basic People's Liberation Army uniform is a single piece jumpsuit, whose design is based on the Mao Suit. It has four large front pockets, arranged symmetrically, the Chinese flag over the upper right pocket, and is typically worn together with a large leather belt, sash, and a commando hat.

Each jumpsuit seen in America carries the insignia of the Chinese 127th Iron Division on the right sleeve and has two red stars on the collar.

Locations (jumpsuit)

Chinese jumpsuit

The Chinese jumpsuit is worn by Chinese commandos when the failsafe terminal is activated during the Tranquility Lane quest. It can not be looted from their bodies, as they will merely be rendered unconscious when "killed."

Dirty Chinese jumpsuit

Its counterpart, the dirty Chinese jumpsuit, can be purchased at Potomac Attire in Rivet City, found in the Taft Tunnel under the Jefferson Memorial, and found on Chinese remnants in Mama Dolce's.

One of these can also be gained from a dead Chinese commando in a random encounter. A radio signal from a Chinese radio beacon guides you to the commando's corpse.

Unique variants

Locations (hat)

Chinese commando hat

Also called the "Ushanka" in Russian, this hat provides the wearer with phenomenal cheek and ear protection and is often made from animal furs and hides (such as rabbit or sheep). Can be found in:

Unique variants

Behind the scenes

It is a modified Zhongshan suit (named after Sun Yat-Sen, founder of the Chinese Nationalist Party). Mao Zedong has always been associated with this suit in the Western press and thus it was incorrectly named after him as the Mao suit in the English language.


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