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Agent, if you're receiving this message, then our satellites have registered the destruction of your objective. Well done. Please report to my personal bunker, hidden among the grounds of Calvert Mansion. Coordinates have been provided with this transmission.Terminal entry for Jiang

The Chinese Intelligence bunker is a location in Point Lookout in 2277.


This location is a secret pre-War Chinese bunker under the ornate hothouse next to Calvert Mansion. It requires a special code (see The Velvet Curtain) and the cryptochromatic spectacles to get in through the secret door. Inside is a large number of stacked ammunition boxes and loot. There is a lone Protectron inside that will ask for a secret password which, when given, will lead the Lone Wanderer to a room downstairs for extraction orders.

Notable loot


  • It is possible to enter the bunker without starting the quest by looking through the cracks next to the hatch, or by back-step jumping up the steep run-off tunnel entrance in the bay south of the mansion. Entering the bunker by either means will automatically complete The Velvet Curtain.
  • The bunker may be re-entered at any time after finishing the mission. The Protectron may be kept near the entrance by using the "tin man" dialogue option. If done so, it will routinely ask the player character to leave the hazardous area, but it will never become hostile.
  • If the Protectron is de-activated using the Robotics Expert perk, and then pushed into its recharge station, coming back later it will be found having slid out of the station and will need to be repositioned.
  • The lower room may be reclaimed after the radiation has been triggered by interacting with the vent in the floor, requiring 30 Repair.


The Chinese intelligence bunker appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.