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Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual is a skill book in Fallout 3.


Reading this manual permanently increases the player character's Sneak skill by 1 (2 with the Comprehension perk).


Closest map markerLocation description
Bethesda ruinsIn Bethesda Offices East, on a desk with a typewriter and 2 missiles
Broadcast tower KT8In the Signal Sierra Romeo drainage ditch room
Cliffside cavernIn the raider outpost on top of a small bookshelf in the northwestern chamber. Beware the raider with the missile launcher; he can knock the book a fair distance and there are many places for it to get lost.
Corvega factoryIn a truck to the south, in a Very Hard footlocker (Same truck also has a U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes). Use the driver's key, found under an overturned wood crate near a skeleton just up the hill from the factory, to unlock the footlocker.
Fairfax ruinsIn the Fairfax Metro station, bottom level, laying on a slab of concrete on the rubble below the mezzanine next to the east escalator
Flooded metroOutside the southern map marker (West of Arlington Library), inside a Pulowski Preservation shelter
Fort ConstantineCO Quarters, on the basement floor, to the right of the safe
Georgetown Mall MetroLeaning on a cash register inside a ticket booth
Irradiated metroOn the second level from the top, on top of a computer adjacent to a pit with irradiated water at the bottom
L.O.B. EnterprisesIn L.O.B. Enterprises Archives, on a desk with a computer
Mall SouthwestIn the Mirelurk nesting hole, in a cave northwest of and above the main chamber at the south
Mama Dolce'sAt the Loading Yard, on the floor next to a Chinese remnant soldier who is stationed as a sniper on the eastern upper level
MegatonOne can be found on a shelf in a ruined house at the top of the hill between Megaton and the Super-Duper Mart. The house is next to a ruined silo.
Museum of HistoryOffices: right of Lincoln's repeater, on a desk
Museum stationIn the ladies bathroom near the Museum of History metro entrance
Nuka-Cola plantMain entrance, look for a hole in the ceiling with a filing cabinet over it; it's in there.
Penn. Ave NorthwestInside the local map marker Hotel, the Brotherhood of Steel compound on Pennsylvania Avenue. Must be stolen unless you have Broken Steel, in which case the Hotel's loot is no longer "owned."
Reclining Groves Resort HomesIn a scavenger's very hard footlocker on the top floor of a ruined barn east of Reclining Groves Resort Homes. Must be stolen. Use the Scavenger's key, underneath the ruined bus, to unlock it.
Red Racer factoryOutside, to the north-northeast, at the scavenger's bridge. It is on a shelf together with Duck and Cover! and Grognak the Barbarian. Must be stolen.
Regulator HQIn the jackknifed freeway truck on the elevated highway just east of Regulator HQ (NNE of Wheaton armory)
SatCom Array NW-05aNear a terminal towards the left upon entering at the ground level
Springvale schoolAt the end of the ant tunnel, under a corpse
Statesman HotelMid level, on a shelf in a Janitor's room in the an east-west running hallway before the stairs leading to the Statesman Hotel Restaurant door
Taft TunnelNear the overflow terminal, in the room where Enclave soldiers shoot from above, behind a screen
The Capitol BuildingIn Hall of Columns, behind a Hard locked door


  • The Lone Wanderer has no knowledge of Chinese, yet still learns from the book.
  • The Chinese text on the book itself translates to "Chinese Army: training manual" (with no mention of "special ops").

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