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Chinatown (also called Shi-town) is a location in San Francisco.


Once a suburb of the great city, it has been adopted by the descendants of the Shih-huang-ti crew, who have lived in the red brick houses ever since. In 2241, it's the heart of the city and a focal point for the Shi's internal struggles.


Establishments in the district include Red 888 Guns weapons shop, Lao Chou's Flying Dragon 8 general store, Dr. Fung's clinic, and the gyms of Dragon and Lo Pan as well as passages to the Golden Gate, Shi-town Docks and the Steel Palace.

Off the radar is a pre-War military station, currently controlled by the Brotherhood of Steel, only manned by a single soldier - Matt, who needs some vertibird plans for Navarro, as the Brotherhood is looking for new technology.

The Dragon and Lo Pan require assistance in order to defeat one another. A doctor named Dr. Fung can also be found here. He is known to make combat implants, though some materials are required.


Chinatown appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

A recipe that mentions Chinatown is included in The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook.[1]



  1. The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook p.55: "This soup seems to be extremely popular in San Francisco Chinatown. The local brahmin hunters suggested pushing the beast over, something called brahmin tipping, to improve the tenderness of the meat. I can't tell if they were being sarcastic or just rude."