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Chickens are creatures found in Appalachia.


Some chickens survived the Great War sheltering in bunkers.[1] In Appalachia, they have survived in a more natural fashion and are considerably more common. Less mutated than other creatures in the area, they are utilized for food.[2]

Radchicken variants[3] have been exposed to high levels of radiation, leaving them atrophied and naked. They are slightly smaller than their pre-War ancestors, and likewise pose no threat.


Gameplay attributes

Chickens are completely docile, fleeing as soon as combat breaks out in their vicinity.



A standard chicken traveling the Appalachian wasteland.

Name (Form ID)AbilitiesItems


  • Wastelanders Approximately five can be found at Foundation, in the chicken pen next to the garden.
  • Wastelanders One dead chicken can be found in the outdoor kitchen of Rollins labor camp.
  • Two chickens will appear inside a chicken coop, if built in a C.A.M.P. or a workshop. They will produce raw fertilizer, but cannot otherwise be interacted with.
  • One chicken will spawn as part of a random encounter, chasing a terrified wastelander, who will ask for anyone nearby to kill it. Afterward, they will express their gratitude, calling the chicken a "monster."

Alongside other creatures

Chickens can be found at specific locations that have a chance to spawn as a combined critter trio of a beaver, cat, chicken, fox, frog, opossum, rad rabbit, radstag or squirrel, including:

Named chickens


Delbert Winters mentions that chickens can be used to make soup.[4]


Chickens appear in Fallout 76.



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