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Chicago is a pre-War city located in the former American state of Illinois. It is mentioned multiple times in the Fallout series.


Before the Great War, the detective Nick Valentine, together with his fiancée Jennifer Lands transferred from the Chicago Police to Boston to assist the Boston Police Department in Operation Winter's End seeking to take down local crime boss Eddie Winter.

Following the nuclear apocalypse, the Enclave maintained an outpost in Chicago. Sometime before or around 2277, Whitley, a scientist stationed at Adams Air Force Base on the East Coast recorded and stored a message in the eyebot ED-E's data banks before sending him on a cross-country journey to the Enclave installment at Navarro, in which he requested any staff at the Chicago outpost to give the unit any repairs it needed.[1] Sometime before 2281, a family of at least three including a young boy named Tommy recovered ED-E after the eyebot had apparently broken down outside Chicago, and after pleading with his father, they brought it back to his mother's garage for repairs.[2] Though Tommy hoped to have ED-E stay with him for longer, the eyebot's programming compelled him to continue to Navarro and he left Chicago soon after being repaired to working order again.

At some point, the Brotherhood of Steel dispatched a fleet of airships to hunt down super mutants in the Midwest, most of which were destroyed. One of these airships crash landed near the ruins of Chicago, and established a new chapter in the area.[3][Non-game 1][4] For reasons unknown, this new chapter eventually went rogue and severed contact with the rest of the Brotherhood.[5][6]

Another expedition was sent east by the Brotherhood of Steel in 2254, with the former American capital of Washington, D.C. as their destination. Though their secondary objective was to restore contact with the Chicago chapter, they failed to do so, leaving the fate of the chapter uncertain.[Non-game 1]

In the Commonwealth, the city is mentioned on the Welcome home! holotape, as well as being listed as the site of departure for the Skylanes 1981 flight in the Skylanes smuggling manifest.[7][8]

An Appalachian resident named Shawn Aaronholt wrote a note that mentions Chicago, and that he disagreed with his brother Lowell about moving there, wanting to head south to settle instead.[9] A last will and testament written by Lowell also mentions Chicago, in which he wishes he would have gone there during his lifetime.[10] The former astronaut and possible ally Sofia Daguerre also claims the city as her birthplace and where she lived as a child.


Chicago is mentioned in Fallout 3, the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes[]

Chicago is a real-world city of the same name, located in the state of Illinois in the Midwestern United States.


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