The Chestnut Hillock Reservoir is a lake in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This reservoir was created in 1870 on existing marshes and meadowland to supplement the city of Boston's water needs. Although Chestnut Hill encompassed parts of three separate municipalities, the reservoir itself is located entirely within the city of Boston.[1]

Of particular note is the cabin on the south shore; it was once the home of Edwin and Annika. They met when he stumbled upon her, after she leveled her shotgun at his head. Instead of pulling the trigger, they fell in love;[2] spending their lazy nights stargazing from the porch.[3]

After nearly ten years passed, the cabin became a raider camp before being abandoned. Edwin vagabonded, only returning three years after Annika passed in 2284, seeking solace in the place where they met and began their life together. He and his brahmin Bess arrived at sundown on September 7, 2287. They settled in and enjoyed their time off the road.[4]

Since he was last there, the cabin's north half had sunken closer into the shore - he planned to return in the spring to shore up the foundation - and the waters themselves became a breeding ground for insects. In the meantime, it took about a week to clean the raider detritus out of the cabin; to compensate for the local fauna, he built the electric zapper out of parts from an old generator and attached it to the porch roof.[2][5]

While out fishing on September 17, a large swarm of insects attacked Edwin. He got a few good shots at them, but the scuffle upset the boat and it flipped over. After swimming to shore, he made it back to the cabin. With the danger more apparent and Bess now spooked, he decided to leave in the morning should the bugs not let up.[6]

The following morning, Edwin realized that he lost Annika's locket, the only thing he had to remember her by. Nearly hysterical, he swam out into the middle of the lake to find it.[7] It was there that he drowned, clutching the last physical reminder of his deceased love. Bess, left unattended, was attacked and killed. Edwin's skeleton lies at the bottom of the lake, beneath the overturned rowboat, and Bess' corpse is in the process of being consumed by the insects.


A once picturesque pond on the edge of the Fens, this swampy landscape is now infested with bloodbugs, bloatflies, and stingwings. A small dilapidated house rests on the shoreline. Inside is a desk with Edwin's terminal in one corner, and a bed and safe (master locked) tucked into another.

The reservoir was a once picturesque lake located in the southwest of Boston, this swampy landscape is now infested with bloodbugs, bloatflies, and stingwings. Surrounded by a few decrepit houses; the one in the southwest corner can be entered. Inside is a desk with Edwin's terminal in one corner, and a bed and safe (master locked) tucked into another. Activating a circuit breaker here powers a makeshift bug-zapper on the porch.

There are multiple docks around the lake and a capsized boat in the middle of the water. Multiple skeletons can be found on the north side: one in a patio chair has a cooler on the ground near it (there is also a hidden toolbox in the water under this skeleton), another is in a wheelchair with Buffout on the ground and a third is in a bathtub with a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Ashes the cat can also be found by the Nuka-Cola Quantum. Interact with it to start the quest Here Kitty, Kitty, if this has not been started by speaking to Erin Combes.

Notable lootEdit

  • Edwin's journal holotape can be found in the terminal in the decrepit house.
  • One Nuka-Cola Quantum held by a skeleton located in a bathtub on the east shore by a building with a fire escape.
  • Edwin's key is located in the middle of the lake, in a cooler, under the capsized boat. Two bloatflies will appear and attack upon opening the cooler. The key will unlock the safe in the decrepit house.
  • Annika's locket can be found in the right hand of Edwin's skeletal remains underwater.
  • Two overdue books can be found in a nearby subway station northeast of the lake, including a Vault-Tec lunchbox.

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When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated while approaching the rowboat in the center of the pond.

Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "If you want to wade out and check that boat, you go right ahead."
Codsworth "I hope the owner of that boat knew how to swim."
Curie "Look at the little row boat."
Danse "Be on your guard, there may be something using that rowboat for cover."
Deacon "Hmm. Wonder what's under the rowboat."
John Hancock "Huh. There's a boat out there."
Nick Valentine "Wonder how long that dinghy's been out there..."
Piper Wright "Be a nice view, if it weren't for that wreck out there."
Preston Garvey "I wonder who'd want to take a boat out on this lake. Not too inviting if you ask me."
Robert MacCready "I'm going to guess that we don't want to know what's under that rowboat."
X6-88 "That overturned boat... I wonder if that was really an accident."


The Chestnut Hillock Reservoir appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

The location is based on the real-world Chestnut Hill Reservoir, which is located within the neighborhood of Brighton in Boston.



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