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This is a transcript for dialogue with Cherise.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
58 0040F5C5 00585670 Ah, it's you.
154 0041A326 00585659 If Foundation or Crater is ever gunning for you, hit me up.
155 0058565A I know a lot of people in the right places. We might be able to help each other out.
156 0058565B You Seventy-Sixers are interesting people.
258 0042D23B 00585646 Consider it taken care of.
259 Just a suggestion, maybe don't piss them off any more?
260 Or, you know what - go for it. More caps for me down the line.
408 0058563E 0058566E They got a lot of grievances.
409 If it were easy to square this, then you wouldn't need me in the first place.
410 0058563F 0058566D I have what you call a specialized skillset.
411 I smooth over disagreements. Never had a complaint.
412 00585640 0058564E I'll be here if you ever get tired of having a target on your back.
413 00585642 00585644 You should hear the things that Foundation says about you. Murderer. Thief.
414 I mean, they must have the wrong person, right?
415 For a tidy sum of money, I can put the finger on the "real" culprit. And then you don't have to worry any more.
416 00585643 00585652 Lot of talk about you. Crater's Public Enemy Number One.
417 Might be it's all a big misunderstanding. Might be if I go to Meg tell her a story and giver her... uh... some compensation...
418 That you're problem with them can all go away.