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Far out. Whether you're dabbling in Buffout, chewing down tins of grape Mentats, or even creating your own chem concoctions, the user and abuser of chems should never be without this perk.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide perk description

Chemist is a perk in Fallout 4.


Increased duration of chems' effects.


Rank Requirements Description Form ID
1 INT 7 Any chems you take last 50% longer. Far out. 000E36FF
2 INT 7, LVL 16 Any chems you take now last twice as long. 000E3700
3 INT 5*, LVL 32 Any chems you take now last an additional 150% longer. 000E3701
4 INT 5*, LVL 45 Any chems you take now last an additional 200% longer. 001D2458

* Due to a bug, the third and fourth ranks require only five Intelligence instead of the intended seven.

In addition to the 50 percent increased duration of chems per rank, the first rank is required to unlock crafting of the following items at any chemistry station:


  • Because each effect is evaluated separately, it is possible for only some effects from a chem to be boosted.
  • The Pip-Boy will show the enhanced duration of chems, even though the crafting interface only shows the base duration.
  • When moving the mouse over the perk in the level-up menu, the "potion created" sound effect from Skyrim can be heard.
  • The perk lengthens the duration of the heal-over-time effect of many different items, including RadAway, without modifying the healing per second, which results in a higher amount healed.
  • The bonus duration also applies to most negative effects from a chem.
  • As with Fallout: New Vegas, the perk also increases the HP effect of many edible aid items including plants, raw meat and pre-War packaged foods.