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With the Chemist perk, any chems you take last twice as long.— In-game description

Chemist is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


This perk doubles the active time for chems and other items granting a temporary positive effect. In order to select the perk, the Courier needs to have a Medicine skill of 60 or higher, and at least level 14.

The following items are affected by this perk:


  • While the perk's name suggests that it only affects chems, it does actually affect all aid items and consumables with timed effects, such as food healing over time or increasing skills for a certain period of time.
  • The perk synergizes well with either Chem Resistant or Logan's Loophole, as well as with the Fast Times, Day Tripper, and Whiskey Rose perks.


PCPC Descriptions of items which include the item's duration are not updated to reflect the extended duration when the Chemist perk is taken. Examples of such items are RadAway, stimpaks and purified water.[verified]