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This is a transcript for dialogue with Cheerful Beekeeper.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 BeekeeperHellos 003F19C6 Hello, friend. Enjoy your stay.
2 003F19C7 Thank you for visiting Helvetia during Fasnacht.
3 003F19C8 We hope you are excited for Fasnacht *wrrrrr*
4 BeekeeperIdles 003EE379 Intruder details: Excessively large bee that shoots more bees. Threat level: High An assessment of the situation, emotionless.
5 003EE37A *Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* *Bzzzz* *Bzzzzzzz* Yes, young ones, I can communicate with bees. I told them to make sweet honey. Tell your parents to buy some. Emotionless and dry. The buzzing sounds are meant to mimic a bee. The person that programmed this protectron was trying to sell honey
6 003EE37B The town of Helvetia is so happy you have visited during Fasnacht. We hope your day is jolly. Emotionless. Reciting the programmed words. Dry.
7 003F19D8 The busy bees here in Helvetia produce all of our honey.
8 003F19D9 Why you buy Helvetian honey, rest assured you're buying the best.
9 003F19DA Helvetia is like a community of bees. We all work together for the greater good. No queen though.
10 003F19DB WARNING: Nasty invader bees have disrupted the hives. *bzzzzzzzz*
11 003F19DC Helvetian honey is the *whrrrr* sweetest honey. You can't blame the invaders for stealing.
12 003F19DD My *bzzzt* vocal processing unit makes *bzzzzzzt* me ideal for tending the *beeeeeezzzzz*.
13 003F19DE All proceeds from honey purchases go to the Town of Helvetia for the perpetuation of the Fasnacht festival.
14 003F19DF *bzzzzt* Awaiting execution of invader destruction program by relevant entity.
15 003F19E0 This unit is not equipped with acceptable bee combat drivers. Please dispose of invading bees.
16 MCGreetingsafterfirsttalk 003FEE5E Here for the parade? You won't be disappointed!
17 ...I hope. Ha ha. Nervous laughter
18 00498873 Jolly Fasnacht to you, *bzzt* friend! ERROR! Value of mandatory count item outside valid range. Queued protocol: Parade March paused. As enthusiastic as a protectron can sound, but malfunctioning.
19 *bzzt* Mandatory item: Eggs required. Last known good location by stream. *bzzt* Standing by to resume Parade March protocol when count is valid.
20 00498874 Intruder alert. Invading bees have robbed the hives. They must be destroyed. The parade cannot begin until destruction is confirmed. Protectron sounding the alert and providing more info. Emotionless.
21 E01F_Fasnacht_BeekeeperToParadeStart 0046FB91 Invader bees confirmed destroyed. Hives are secure. Well done. *bzzzzzzz* Traversal to parade start location begin.
23 0046FB99 *Bzzzzzzzt* Impending Fasnacht mask adornment. Standby.