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Get Lou on board for the Vault 79 heist.

Cheating Death is a main quest in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


One needs to persuade Meg Groberg and her raiders to help get into Vault 79. Meg refers the player character to Lucky Lou, but she is not sure where he is. A cursory search of his room reveals a note that suggests Caleb Fisher may know where he went.

Speaking to Caleb reveals that Lou is missing, but he will give one a tracking beacon which assists in locating the mine where he could be hiding. Optionally, as an alternative, the player character may hack Caleb's level 3 terminal (Master Hacker required), in order to skip some of the legwork to locate Lou's actual last known location. Upon entering the mine, one will encounter Weasel, who will help progress deeper into the mine to find Lou. Weasel can plant a charge and explode a section of the mine wall; when that is done the two of you can proceed further.

An intercom connects to Lou, who doesn't want to talk to you.

Weasle and the player character happen upon a makeshift chair and shotgun device that appears to have been created by Lou in an attempt to commit suicide. Near this chair are several structures and a mine shaft. The left branch of the mine shaft has a door but it requires a terminal to unlock, which is not in the immediate vicinity. Following the right branch leads to a bridge and a stairway, and then another intersection. At this juncture is a fog crawler, additional structures, another suicide device (a button wired to several automated turrets), and a door that can be opened with a terminal.

That passage leads past a third suicide device, a wooden structure. The area shakes as though the mine were collapsing and the ceiling, studded with threatening spikes moving downward. If the player character is not careful, the floor collapses and they will fall through. Falling down into a pool within a cavern.

After falling into the cavern's pool, exit and take caution of the nearby radscorpions that inhabit the cave. They can be spotted from afar near radscorpion egg nests, as the cave is dark and linear. Once the final radscorpion has been killed, enter the large area past an open chamber with a waterfall, down the main hallway where Lou is in the middle of placed explosives at the farthest point in the mine. Weasel will suggest a stealthy approach to disable the explosives before Lou will realize. If stealth does not succeed, Lou will be willing to talk face to face about his situation.

The player character will need to convince Lou to not commit suicide with explosives. Listening to Lou's story and explanations, and choosing dialogue options to confront Lou's fears makes him doubt himself if he will truly turn feral and become a risk to others. Along with convincing Lou, he asks for a deal made to help him kill himself after the heist is done. The player character may reply in a neutral manner so that Lou keeps his suicide idea in mind, even if the player is hesitant to accept his proposal. While speaking to Lou near the end of the dialogue tree, mentioning the details of the job instead of keeping the details withheld for later seems to improve Lou's disposition and willingness to help with the Vault 79 heist. Once the player has finished speaking with Lou and has convinced him to not commit suicide, return to Meg at the Crater to finish the quest.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Go find Lou in his roomI need to go find Lou in his living area, and try to get him on board for the Vault heist.
? Speak with FisherLou seems to be missing. He left behind a note. The only person mentioned in it is Fisher. Maybe he knows where Lou is?
? Find out where Lou wentI need to find out where Lou went. Maybe I can pressure Fisher?
? (Optional) Find Clues in Fisher's TerminalFisher's terminal may have a lead on where I can find Lou.
? Go to Lou's last known locationFisher's terminal revealed that he secretly knew Lou was missing and sent a tracker to find him. I should talk to Fisher about this and get him to divulge more information. OR
Fisher seems pretty convinced that Lou went out to a Crater outpost East of here. It's a promising lead. I should go there and see if I can convince Lou to come back.
? Speak with the RaiderLou is nowhere to be seen, but one of the raiders at the Crater Watchstation is bound to know where he went. I should find out what the leader of this outpost knows.
? Kill KoganIt turns out that Lou was never at the Crater Watchstation. Kogan suggested that fisher was lying. I should find out for sure.
? Confront Fisher about the information you discoveredAfter dealing with Kogan, I'm no closer to finding the missing demolition expert. Fisher's my only lead, and there must be a reason he doesn't want anyone to know about Lou.
? Meet Fisher's FriendAfter Fisher came clean, he admitted he is worried about Lou and sent a tracker to find him. I can find Fisher's friend by using a device Fisher gave me to home in on a radio signal.
? Tune Radio to Fisher's Tracking BeaconFisher's device worked like a charm, leading me right to his tracker friend, Weasel. I should speak with her. Hopefully she has information about Lou.
? Enter the Cave
? Speak with the Tracker
? Find LouWeasel and I are now searching for Lou, somewhere in this abandoned mine.
? Speak with Lou through the IntercomA voice is coming in over an intercom. It must be Lou. I need to speak with him and find out where to find him in these caves. Maybe I can convince him to come home.
? Find a way to get to LouLou doesn't want visitors, and he's sealed himself inside Carnegie Mine. We need to find another way to get to him. Weasel seems to have an idea. I should take her advice.
? Speak to WeaselSince Lou won't speak over the intercom, our only shot of getting through to him is finding another way through the caves so we can speak face to face. Weasel has an idea. I need to speak with her.
? Stop Lou from detonating the ExplosivesWeasel was able to blow a hole in the weakened cave walls using explosives. She's confident we can follow the cave system in this manner until we reach Lou.
? (Optional) Disable the ExplosivesI've found Lou, but he's surrounded himself with explosives! I need to handle this delicately. Maybe I can talk him out of whatever he's planning on doing.
? Speak with LouI need to talk Lou out of detonating the explosives. Or, if I want to be extra safe, Weasel suggested I may be able to stealthily deactivate the explosives before Lou realizes it.
Lou is aware of my presence now. I need to see if I can talk him out of whatever he's planning on doing.
? Speak with MegNow that Lou has agreed to help us break into Vault 79, I need to report back to Meg.

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