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Chauncey was to be a super mutant Ranger stationed at Ranger Station Foxtrot, but was cut from the game prior to release.[1]


He was to be stationed at Ranger Station Foxtrot primarily because of its proximity to Jacobstown (much like ghoul rangers are stationed at Ranger Station Echo because of its proximity to Camp Searchlight). He was also supposed to wear a normal-sized Ranger hat which would appear comically small on him.[1]


Ranger Chauncey appears in early versions of Fallout: New Vegas, but was cut from the final product at some point prior to release.[2]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Can you tell us more about chauncey? if he was supossed to be included in the game.
    Joshua Sawyer: He was a Super Mutant Ranger posted at Foxtrot, primarily because of its proximity to Jacobstown (much like the Ghoul Rangers are posted at Echo due to its proximity to Searchlight). He was supposed to wear a standard "flat rim" Ranger hat of normal size -- i.e. comically small on him.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
  2. Out of interest why was Ranger Chauncey (the mutant one) cut? Same goes for Angel the mutant in Gomorrah
    Joshua Sawyer: I'm not quite sure why Chauncey was cut. I was wondering that myself, to be honest.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring answers
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