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Yes. The White Glove Society strictly forbids eating humans. But we weren't always the White Glove Society.

Chauncey is a member of the White Glove Society and resides at the Ultra-Luxe in 2281.


Chauncey is a White Glove who objects to Mortimer's cannibalistic ways. He wants to stop Mortimer from returning to feeding on humans. Chauncey was complicit in recent Strip kidnappings and has intimate knowledge of the group's transgressions. Recently he has fallen out of favor with Mortimer and subsequently, an assassin was hired to kill him after a meeting with the Courier in the pool area steam room at 4 PM.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Beyond the Beef: After finding the matchbook on the detective the player will find Chauncey in the steam room waiting. After the meeting, the assassin Mortimer hired to assassinate Chauncey will come in and kill him with a silenced .22 pistol.


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  • Chauncey is the only White Glove Society underling seen without a mask. When asked, he will tell the Courier that he must have forgotten to put it on.[1]
  • It is impossible to save Chauncey, as his death is scripted. As soon as his's meeting ends, the steam room door opens. Quickly closing it causes the initial attack from the assassin to fail, but after a few seconds, the assassin will simply shoot him through the door. The Courier cannot stop the assassination, even by standing directly in front of Chauncey when the round is fired. Even attacking and killing the assassin before this second attempt will simply result in Chauncey dropping dead.
  • It is impossible to advance in Beyond the Beef while avoiding Chauncey's assassination.

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Chauncey appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Targeting Chauncey during the quest "Beyond the Beef" can cause a crash on PC. And he can die in the pool of the hotel. [verified]
  • PCPC Sometimes just talking to Chauncey in the steam room during the quest "Beyond the Beef" can cause a crash on PC, it might happen because you have companions following you in the same room or because you looked or talked to him before 4 pm. [verified]


  1. The Courier: "Where is your mask?"
    Chauncey: "Hmm. Must've forgotten to put it on. How embarrassing.
    (Chauncey's dialogue)