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Renowned as the worst machine gun ever issued to any army at any time in history. Unreliable and poorly constructed, it was considered unusual if the gun fired more than one burst before jamming. It makes a completely useless addition to any arsenal.

The Chauchat is a joke Big Gun-class Fallout Tactics weapon that can't do any damage or even be fired.



  • Despite having an AP cost, the Warrior cannot use this weapon.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It may be equipped, but cannot be fired - an experience not unfamiliar to French and American soldiers encumbered with the weapons during World War I. The open-sided magazine made it difficult to keep dirt out of its moving parts, leading to frequent jamming. Parts were also generally not interchangeable between individual guns without custom machining, making field repairs very difficult.
  • The name of this weapon in the editor is uselessHeavy.
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