The Chaste Acres Dairy Farm is the ruin of a small farm taken over by raiders. It is located in the northeastern section of the map, southwest of the Republic of Dave.


The farm includes a grain silo that can be entered. Inside, there are miscellaneous items, as well as a ladder leading to the sniper position above. Inside the barn on the east side, on the second floor of the establishment, there is a corpse on the bed.


The raiders at Chaste Acres Dairy Farm are usually under attack by random roaming creatures when one arrives. These creatures may include groups of robots, yao guai, giant radscorpions, albino radscorpions (if Broken Steel is installed) or even deathclaws. Once the area is cleared, subsequent visits will usually turn up a couple more raiders fighting a new set of random hostiles.

Notable lootEdit


  • There are quite a few cars around the farm, making it possible to set off a chain reaction that could kill a few hostiles.
  • A 'Type A' random encounter spawns at the Red Rocket station to the west.
  • A 'Type B' random encounter spawns on the road at the intersection north of the Red Rocket and patrols northeast to the destroyed house located north of the farm.
  • It is possible that if one's companion enters the silo that he or she may stay there until the Lone Wanderer uses fast travel.


Chaste Acres Dairy Farm appears only in Fallout 3.


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