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This is a transcript for dialogue with Chase Terrier.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0054EDBA 0054EE04 No! Terrified. Knows they're going to kill him.
2 0054EDBB 0054EE02 I understand. Thanks, AC. You won't regret this.
3 0056A090 I'll take care of that right away.
8 0054EDC4 0054EE00 I don't know. Maybe I didn't take as many rads. Maybe I'm genetically tougher. Maybe it's what I had for breakfast.
12 0054EDC7 0054EDEE It was the radiation. It changed me. It changed a lot of us.
13 Bubba, Mac, and a bunch of others all became ghouls, but crazy and bloodthirsty.
14 They attacked Grills and Shiny and the ones that didn't turn. Tore them to pieces before they even knew what was happening.
18 0054EDCB 0054EDFA Wait! Mercy, it's me, Chase.
19 I might look like them, but I'm still me inside.
21 0054EDCD 0054EE14 I know I look weird, like one of those feral ghoul monsters, but I'm normal. Aside from the new skin condition that is.
22 0054EDD1 0054EDED I was able to stabilize the reactor, but it won't come online with the radiation levels this high.
23 You're going to have to vent the air from the chamber. That will clear the radioactive gas and probably kill all the things in there too.
24 0054EDD2 0054EE09 A lot of them ended up looking like me, except their minds are melted too.
25 The ones that didn't change are all dead now.
26 0054EDD3 0054EDF1 I'm Agent Chase with the Secret Service. Digger to my friends. I was on the reactor team when it malfunctioned.
37 0054EDE2 00553ACC Time to face AC. I'm right behind you.
48 0059DAF5 I'm not dangerous. You've gotta tell him that. desperate
49 0059DAF7 I hope you guys can get the power back on.
50 0059DAF8 Those feral ghouls creep me out.
51 0059DAF9 I might be Secret Service, but I'm just an engineer. I don't do guns.
52 0059DAFB Thanks for standing up for me with AC.
53 0059DAFC I need to get rid of all the bodies before I can even begin the repairs.
54 0059DAFD I've got months of work ahead of me here, maybe more.
70 0054EDEC 0054EE1C Thanks for not shooting me.
103 00551EC6 00551EDE Good luck. I'll wait here.
104 On second thought I'll wait on the other side of this door.
105 00551EC8 00551ED8 Don't go near the reactor. If the radiation doesn't get you, those things will.
106 I'd sneak around the edges if I were you.
107 Either way you need to get to that room that overlooks the reactor.
108 00551ECA 00551ED2 The radiation made all of them into feral ghouls. If I take any more, it might happen to me too.
109 00551ECC 00551ED9 Thank god. I thought I was going to die here.
110 00551ECE 00551ED3 Nice try. If you're government agents, I'm the after picture for acne cream.
111 AC must trust you since he opened the door. So I'm going to assume you're here to help.
112 00551ED0 00551EDB I'm with those other guys. You know, AC? Slick? Garrison and Carver are their real names.
190 00567487 00567499 Don't shoot!