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Charlie's journal is a holotape in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Charlestown Condo."


The holotape can be found on a deceased man named Charlie, lying west of Hubris Comics.


9-15-2287: Rough Times


Life has been even tougher than usual in the Commonwealth lately. The Minutemen were keeping things in line for a while there, but they've begun to fade out just like everyone else. Diamond City is full of paranoia over synths to the point where even simple scavengers like me have a hard time getting through the gates.

I've been laying low during the day and digging around for goods at night to avoid all the Supermutants and Raiders. I really need to find somewhere I can set up a more permanent safehouse. There must be something left out there.

9-22-2287: Location Scouting


There are so many old apartment buildings boarded up, I feel like one of them has got to have something good inside! I made the mistake of poking around in Lexington the other day and almost paid the price. That place is so overrun with Feral Ghouls and Raiders it'd take a small army to clear it out. I'll be making my way back up toward Bunker Hill to see what's going on around there.

9-24-2287: Found a Place!


I did some trading at Bunker Hill and decided to scout around the area. I had almost given up but found a condo near Charlestown. I pried off all the boards, made my way inside, and to my surprise the place was nearly untouched!

I can't believe how lucky I am! If anyone catches wind of this place, it'll be trashed by Raiders in no time flat. Time to clean up the dust and build some defenses.

9-29-2287: Settling Down


Sleeping in an actual bed is life-changing, even a bed that's 200 years old. It's amazing to get a sense of what life was like before the war! This place is really big, and now that I've settled in a bit I've decided to open my doors to a few people I trust. They're making their way down here from up north.

I'm running low on food and water, so I'm going to do some scavenging tonight. Now that I have something to lose and a place to call home, every outing makes me more nervous than the last. Fingers crossed I'll make it back in one piece. I'll need to leave a note hidden away somewhere to let my friends know where they can find me.

Here's to settling down and rebuilding some kind of a future.

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