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The Charleston Trainyard is a location in the Appalachian city of Charleston.


The trainyard is located southeast of the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 on the far western edge of Charleston. There is a wooden control tower next to the railway tracks west of the yard's main building. The trainyard is full of New Appalachian Railroad railcars.

The main building contains a large loading bay and a few smaller employee areas that are located along an upper catwalk which runs around the edge of the building. There is a lunchroom and several lockers found here. The catwalk also allows access to the "roof" of the building which doubles as a parking lot and connects to the main road.

The main trainyard offices can be found on this level. One of the offices contains a locked floor safe (Picklock 1) and a locked terminal (Hacker 1) which controls the safe. The other office contains two desks with a letter of resignation on one of them and a Stealth Boy. There is a weapons workbench and an armor workbench in the lower section.

Notable loot

  • Bicycle - Note, can be found in an upstairs office, on a desk next to a terminal.
  • Letter of resignation - Note, in the upstairs office with the filing cabinets, on the desk immediately in front of the door.
  • My dearest Nancy - Note, found on top of a small shipping crate suspended in the northeast corner of the warehouse.
  • Charleston train luggage key - On top of the left side of some shelves with a drawer in the office hallways upstairs. Opens steamer trunk on a cart in the middle of the warehouse floor, between two flatbed trains with shipping containers on them.
  • Type-T fuse - Quest item, only found during An Ounce of Prevention.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - To the left of the letter of resignation on the same desk.
  • Potential magazine - In an open locker in the catwalk areas of the lower area, near a terminal.
  • Stealth Boy - In the office with the letter of resignation, on a desk in the opposite corner.
  • Potential armor mod - On a table next to the armor workbench in the lower area.
  • Potential weapon mod - On (or below) a table next to the weapons workbench in the lower area.

Related quests


As of patch, the type-T fuse is located here instead of Greg's Mine Supply.


The Charleston Trainyard appears in Fallout 76.