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The Charleston Herald building is a location in the Appalachian city of Charleston.


A prominent feature of downtown, having fallen into disrepair in the years since the war. The ground floor is accessible but the elevators are not operational. A series of improvised catwalks and staircases lead to the floors above.

The building serves as the beginning point of the Responders physical exam. The Fire Breathers physical exam terminal can be found on the second floor. It marks the start of the physical exam course and sits next to a fridge, woodpile and cooking station. Several containers of boiled water are stored in the fridge.

The third floor contains the offices of reporters Quinn Carter and William Breyer. Carter's office contains three holotapes and a locked wall safe (Picklock 2). Breyer’s office door is locked (Picklock 0) and inside is a typewriter in a cardboard box and a locked wall safe (Picklock 1). An emergency exit on this floor leads outside where there’s a skeleton sitting on a deck chair. A laser tripwire here is rigged to explode when triggered.

The fourth floor houses editor Overbey’s office. A holotape and a pamphlet sit on the editor’s desk beside a terminal. An emergency exit on this floor leads to a balcony with a makeshift wooden bridge connected to the building next door. The stairs to the next floor are blocked by a destroyed ceiling.

Notable loot


The Charleston Herald building appears in Fallout 76.