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Charleston Herald Exclusive: The Motherlode is a holotape in Fallout 76.



Bill Breyer: I'm William Breyer, investigative reporter for the Charleston Herald. I'm currently standing just outside the security fencing of one of several Hornwright Industrial sites that have cropped up around the area in recent months. I'm here tonight to try and get some answers about what has become known in certain circles as "The Motherlode project."

Could this be the answer local mining families have been looking for? A series of new mining projects that could reinvigorate the local economy? Or, as environmental groups have suggested, could these be a fresh set of toxic disposal sites, poisoning the ground beneath our feet?

At the very least, according to local experts, the area's recent increase in seismic events can almost certainly be tied to these sites. And now I'm here to see for myself what's really going on.

I've just made my way up to a small gap in the first line of fencing. The security here is intense. Barbed wire. Armed guards. Feels like a warzone. I'm making my way over a small ridge and I-- Mother of god... the ground's shaking and-- oh my god... what is that?

Hornwright Worker: Hey! You! This is private propert-- Shit, it's that reporter. Jesus! He's got a gun!

Bill Breyer: Gun? Wait, this isn't a --- ah! Ah....