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Charleston Herald - Tragedy Hits Hornwright is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


This notice is used as a clue during the quest Trade Secrets, with the date of August 25, 2076, being a possible clue to the password needed to access the safe room. However, 082576 is ultimately incorrect.


The note can be found in a wheelchair next to a table with an IV bag at Hornwright Estate.


Tragedy Hits Hornwright

Monday, August 25, 2076. Charleston.
Visionary entrepreneur Daniel Hornwright lays his late wife Evelyn to rest today, after her long battle with cancer finally ended early Monday morning at their peaceful summer home. Although she held no official position within the company, employees reacted with tearful silence when being informed of her passing.

Mr Hornwright was unavailable for comment following the funeral, but his daughter Penelope urged the assembled guests to remember Evelyn's philanthropic contributions, "We have lost a bright light in our community, but we are not left in the darkness without her, the rest of us just have to shine brighter."