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The Charleston Herald was a pre-War newspaper published in Charleston, West Virginia.


The Charleston Herald was a newspaper published across Appalachia before the Great War. Reporting on both the news-breaking and mundane stories across Appalachia, the Herald was determined to report the truth and only the truth, never betraying their sources, though this goal would be called into question after Quinn Carter's interview.[1] One of its reporters, Quinn Carter, conducted an interview with the controversial politician Sam Blackwell shortly before the Great War, leading to a boycott of the paper.[2]

Carter was also approached by an anonymous member of the public with information about Grafton Steel illegally dumping waste into local rivers. The newspaper was also responsible for Allegheny Asylum being shut down after Eleanor Tarquin spent a month inside in an attempt to expose the facility's corrupt and near-barbaric practices,[3] though the published article was different than the draft, due to Watogan shaming.[4] After the Great War, Quinn Carter continued to seek out the facts of various matters concerning local matters.[5]



Wastelanders update additions


The Charleston Herald is mentioned only in Fallout 76, and was expanded upon in the Wastelanders update.