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Charleston Fire Department, or the North Charleston Fire Department Station,[1] is a location in the Appalachian city of Charleston.


The Charleston Fire Department was the heart of the recovery efforts in Charleston after the Great War. The firefighters became a strong contingent of the Responders over the years. Another cohort was known as the Fire Breathers, created to battle the Scorched threat, organized by Melody Larkin and station lieutenant Hank Madigan.

After the fall of the Responders in 2096, the station was abandoned and overrun by mutants. However, by 2103 the station has been reclaimed and is guarded by Responder-affiliated firefighter Protectrons, keeping the station safe for new initiates looking to join the Fire Breathers.


The Charleston Fire Department is a two-story L-shaped building located on the edge of the Forest region. Signage indicates that it is a Responders trading post, and it is staffed by red Protectrons with the Charleston F.D. logo. An overseer's cache sits in front of the reception desk at the main entrance.

Behind the reception area is a classroom where the Fire Breathers knowledge exam and registration is conducted. There are several notes throughout the building which can help prospective recruits ace their exam. Fire Breathers prospective Tiffany Brantley can also be found roaming around this room, studying for the exam and sleeping in a blocked-off hallway nearby at night.

A corridor near reception leads to the garage which contains several firetrucks and a workshop area with an armor workbench and weapons workbench. There are some weapons and an ammo box behind a locked security gate (Picklock 1) which is also controlled by a terminal (Hacker 1).

Vendor bot Mack and the main trading post is located on the second floor. There is also an office here that contains a knowledge exam cheat sheet with all the answers to the Knowledge Exam as well as the Fire Breathers master terminal. There is also a locked floor safe in this office (Picklock 1).

The rooftop can be accessed via a set of stairs on the second floor. It contains a makeshift lookout which has a clear view of the road to the south.

Notable loot

Holotapes and notes
Other loot


Charleston Fire Department appears in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

  • While the complex in-universe is fictional, the real-life Charleston Fire Department's eight stations are located throughout Charleston, West Virginia.
  • The front sign and logos resemble the modern day look of the North Charleston (SC) Fire Department.[2]