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The Charleston Emergency Government was a post-War government founded by the surviving members of the state government of West Virginia. It operated out of the Charleston Capitol Building in the city of Charleston, and was managed by the Provisional Council under the leadership of Abigale Poole.[1][2][3]


Within days of the Great War, numerous West Virginian state officials, among them Governor Evans and Majority Leader Fortrey, went missing. In their absence, the Speaker of the House, Abigale Poole, took charge during the crisis and formed the Charleston Emergency Government with other surviving officials such as Majority Whip Tanner Holbrook and Chief of Police Mayfield. The Provisional Council was created to run the new government until elections could be organized.[1]

The Charleston Emergency Government sent scouting parties across Appalachia to search for survivors, learn more about the status of the Federal government and war with China, and make contact with other emerging factions, such as the raiders and Brotherhood of Steel. The Responders offered their cooperation to Poole in restoring civil order to the region and sent Melody Larkin to act as their liaison, but the harsh anti-looting tactics of Chief Mayfield's police force threatened to drive a wedge in the alliance.[1]

Disagreements between Holbrook and Poole caused tensions in the Provisional Council. Holbrook took issue with Poole assuming the executive role on the council since he was the rightful successor to the governorship. He also disliked Poole's willingness to share supplies with survivors, believing that they would be needed by the federal government for an eventual counterattack against China.[1] When Poole organized a Christmas celebration and charity drive in 2082,[2] Holbrook plotted behind her back to allow his supporters to hoard their rations to secure their votes in an election planned for spring of the following year. Poole learned of his plans and turned the tables on him by threatening to expose his deceit to the public.[3]

The Charleston Emergency Government was presumably destroyed along with most of Charleston in the Christmas Flood of 2082, a fact mocked upon by the Cutthroats following their takeover of the Capitol Building.[4]


The Charleston Emergency Government is mentioned only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Because of Poole and Holbrook's disputes over the governorship following the Great War, the exact structure of the West Virginia state government is somewhat unclear. In the terminal entry "This isn't over," Holbrook says that someone from the majority party ought to lead Charleston; this implies that Poole is from a minority party, though this is never explicitly stated. Although a legislative body's speaker is a position that is usually filled by a member of the majority party, it is not a requirement.

Additionally, the line of succession is disputed. In the real world, the President of the Senate (equivalent to Lieutenant Governor) is second in line for the governorship, though no one with this rank is ever mentioned. Holbrook argues in "This isn't over" that, as Majority Leader Fortrey is missing, he (as Majority Whip) would ascend to the position of Majority Leader, and because Governor Evans is also missing, he would then ascend to the governorship. Holbrook also refers to Poole's position as Speaker of the House as a "claim," and refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the Provisional Council.

In the real world, West Virginia's line of succession for governorship falls first to the President of the Senate, then the Speaker of the House of Delegates. After this point, a joint session of the West Virginia Legislature is held to elect a new governor if the previous two office-holders are unable to serve as governor.[5] It is unclear if Holbrook and Poole's disputes are meant to indicate a change in this structure at some point in the Fallout timeline.