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The Charleston Capitol Building is a location in the Appalachian city of Charleston.


The State Capitol building served as the Appalachian Territories' governmental seat of power. The building survived the Great War intact and in the immediate aftermath, it was here that the surviving members of the West Virginia legislature formed the Charleston Emergency Government.

This group established their headquarters in the Capitol Building under the leadership of a Provisional Council, headed by Speaker of the House Abigale Poole. The immediate goal was to wait for instruction from Washington, D.C. but after they received no word, they began to operate autonomously.

By 2082, the Charleston Emergency Government had formed an alliance with the Responders and attempted to establish peaceful relations with the Brotherhood of Steel, Free States, and even the raiders. A flood caused by the destruction of Summersville Dam occurred on Christmas Day in 2082, devastating Charleston but the main building remained accessible.


Charleston Capitol Building is the easternmost location in the ruins of the city of Charleston, the capital of former West Virginia. Mud and debris carried by the floodwaters unleashed by the broken Summersville Dam have buried the central plaza and blocked the building's front entrance. The West Virginian Liberty Bell sits in front and has been marked with the Responders' emblem. There is a weapons workbench in a flooded generator room in the basement.

The courthouse and DMV are accessible via separate doors above ground, and the two buildings are also linked underground.

At the western end of the central part of the Capitol is the office of the governor of the Appalachian Territories, complete with a press briefing room where they would make televised appearances. Right before the rotunda are the offices that once served the governor, now filled with mud and trash after the flood wave propelled a truck through the wall.

The eastern part of the rotunda contains more ruined offices and a partially collapsed corner hallway. In addition, it contains a staircase that leads to the two upper floors of the rotunda. The second floor is derelict, with mostly abandoned offices. The third floor includes the offices of high-ranking members of the pre-War government of Appalachia, including Speaker Poole's and Senator Blackwell's office west of the rotunda and Tanner Holbrook's office in the east.

The basement is accessible through the elevator shafts or the staircase by the rotunda. It contains a flooded generator room in the west, complete with a weapons workbench. An abandoned food court can be found in the center that served as a food rationing spot before the flood. The filing, archives, and facilities rooms are located to the east, by the stairwell. There's an armor workbench in the machine room.



Notable loot

Holotapes and notes
Other loot
  • Key to Holbrooke's stash - In Tanner Holbrook's room on the third floor. The key opens Holbrook's stash in a flooded generator room in the basement.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - In the judge's chambers at the back of the courtroom with the collapsed ceiling.
  • Potential magazine - In the basement, in the large filing and archive office through the double doors adjacent to the food court, in the northwest corner on the metal desk by the terminal.
  • Two fusion cores:
    • In a fusion generator in a room at the western end of the lower level.
    • In a fusion generator in the flooded room at the eastern end of the lower level.
  • Potential weapon plan - In the ruined apartments immediately east of the capitol building, on the kitchen counter of the apartment with the wooden bunkbed on the second floor from the top.
  • Potential armor plan - In the basement, inside the security section behind a locked powered gate, on a cabinet to the left.
  • Missile launcher - Inside Sam Blackwell's office, on top of a bookshelf directly behind the desk.




  • Eight special notices can be found hanging in several places in the building, but cannot be taken; one is in the rotunda hanging on a pillar.
  • Patch (patch 12) introduced significant changes to the Capitol Building's layout, including moving the courthouse to a separate interior cell and changing enemy level ranges in both sections.
  • During the Christmas period (in real life), the interior of the building is decorated with festive decorations.
  • All buildings have recommended levels that player characters should be at before entering, with the courthouse recommending Level 15 or higher, and the DMV and main capitol building recommending Level 30 or higher.


The Charleston Capitol Building appears in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The Charleston Capitol Building is based on the West Virginia State Capitol, which is the seat of government of the state of West Virginia.