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Wise Charles the Forewarned is a member of the Enlightened. A pre-War visionary, he travels to Point Pleasant in Appalachia, his former home region, during the Mothman Equinox.


Charles was once with the Cult of the Mothman, and a worshiper of the red-eyed mothman. After the cult conducted a ritual to summon the red-eyed mothman on October 22, 2077, the red-eyed mothman showed a vision to followers, foretelling a terrible fire and flood that would occur the next day and warned its followers that, in order to survive, they must must seek higher ground.[1][2]

However, Charles alone received a vision from the purple-eyed Wise Mothman who guided Charles and his followers to the safety of the Lucky Hole Mine instead.[3] After Charles shared his experience with the other cultists, this apparently splintered the cult, with some choosing to stand upon the rooftops of Point Pleasant the following morning, while others followed Charles to the mine. In the end, the followers who followed Charles to the mine survived the apocalypse.

In the mine, some followers "turned to darker worship," suggesting another cult splintering; the mothman followers had a being known as the Interloper deep in the mine. The splintering formed the group the Enlightened which remained on the side of the mothman and shunned the Interloper as a false god.[4] After the fallout following the Great War, when it was safe to emerge, some of Charles' followers saw what challenges lied in the wasteland and wished to return to the mine, but Charles implored them not to, saying that there was safety beyond the hills they had known. The followers who decided to stay in the mine became known as the "Dim Ones" by the Enlightened, as they began worshiping the red-eyed mothman. One mothman follower, Jeff Lane, decided to worship the Interloper, although it is unclear if he crossed paths with Charles' group.

Charles fled Appalachia and West Virginia with his followers and eventually settled in the Lantern, a church.[3] Respected by his group, Charles became a high ranking member of the Enlightened and achieved the rank of Wise, along with at least four other members who achieved the Wise rank.

Although Charles is blind, unresponsive and wheelchair-bound, he has journeyed to Point Pleasant on a pilgrimage in order to summon the Wise Mothman during the Equinox, where he is at the height of his power.[5] He is assisted by Clarence, Johanna, Marlon and Errol.

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The Mothman Equinox

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If Charles is interacted with on the roof of the Mothman Museum, he only says cryptic things. He talks of a woman knowing things and that she should be left alone. He also mentions Wallace and seems to want Wallace to answer back, Kanawha, and something about a cord being cut.


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Wise Charles the Forewarned appears only in Fallout 76. Prior to the Night of the Moth update, he was mentioned only as "Brother Charles" in the notes Sermon: Summoning the Mothman and Sermon: Impending doom before being introduced as a full character.


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