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Wise Charles the Forewarned, formerly known as Brother Charles, is a member of the Enlightened who lives at the Lantern. He was mentioned in Fallout 76, and appeared in the Night of the Moth update.

Charles was a member of the pre-War Cult of the Mothman at Point Pleasant in Appalachia, and his vision mobilized them to take shelter before the War.

Each Mothman Equinox, he travels to his former home town to participate in summoning the Wise Mothman.


The Cult at Point Pleasant[]

Before the War, Charles was a respected member of the Cult of the Mothman,[1] who participated in worshipping the red-eyed mothman[2] at the church hidden beneath the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant. Judging by the wheelchair found near the pulpit here, he was probably already a wheelchair user at this time.

The cult conducted a ritual to summon the mothman on October 21, 2077, hoping to gain insight related to some imminent disaster. While most of the cultists did not see anything, an unknown preacher proclaimed that "Brother Charles saw the Mothman appear out of the corner of his eye, and heard whispers of impending disaster." The omen warned that a terrible flood would sweep Appalachia within the following day, and the cult must seek higher ground in order to survive. On October 22, the preacher proclaimed that the cult must stand upon the rooftops of Point Pleasant and wait out this flood, and that those who refused to heed this warning were turning their back on the mothman.[3][1]

Despite the specific and strongly-stated nature of this resolution, a group ultimately fled Point Pleasant with Charles, and arrived at the Lucky Hole Mine before the Great War.

Years later, the Enlightened recounted the events of this same ritual in a tome called Exodus. In their retelling, the Cult of the Mothman are described as worshippers of the "Pretender Mothman." The Enlightened attest that, despite the misguided nature of this ritual, Charles was blessed with a warning of "fire and flood" from the purple-eyed Wise Mothman. The tome also claims it was Charles himself who then guided his brethren to the safety of the Lucky Hole Mine.[2]

The Lucky Hole Mine[]

It seems an unknown group, which included an eerie old woman, had long lived within this mine, after frightening away the security staff over a period of at least several days.[4] After their first visitation, a security guard called Allegheny Asylum to ask about escaped patients, which places the event no later than March 2061.[5] This post-War cult at the mine appears to have mythologized these events,[6] suggesting these groups merged when Charles' group arrived on October 22 or 23, 2077.

One mothman cultist, Jeff Lane, stayed in Point Pleasant after the War,[7] and coveted the knowledge of a being he called "the Interloper" before leaving Point Pleasant.[7] His relationship to these events is unclear. He eventually made it to the Lucky Hole Mine as well.[8]

After the Point Pleasant group sheltered within, some followers "turned to darker worship," and the mine found themselves divided by a spiritual conflict. A figure called the First Priestess of the Wood rose to prominence at this time, and under her guidance, the cult cared for a creature deep within the mine, which they called the Firstborn of the Wood.[9][10] An underground spring formed, providing the group with water, and the Priestess' followers attributed this miracle to the Firstborn.[11]

Some members were disturbed by these developments, and shunned the followers of the Priestess, accusing them of heretical worship. They condemn these post-War religious concepts with disparaging terms such as "the Deceiver,"[2] "the Pretender Mothman,"[2] and "the Interloper."[12][13]


After the fallout settled, some of Charles' followers left with him. This was difficult due to Charles' paraplegia. They were frightened of the challenges which they encountered in the wasteland and wished to return to the mine, but Charles implored them not to, and spoke of safety beyond the hills they called home.

Charles fled Appalachia with the Enlightened, and the group eventually founded a church they called the Lantern.[2] They began to follow the amaranthine Wise Mothman, whom they considered a single mortal being. They espouse that the "Wise One" does not desire to be worshipped. Charles became an esteemed leader of the emerging spiritual movement. He earned the title of "Wise," along with at least four other members, each of whom has a distinct subtitle. Charles' full title is "Wise Charles the Forewarned."

They came to refer to those who decided to stay in the mine as "the Dim Ones," and condemn their idolatry of the red-eyed feral mothmans. Those "Dim Ones" now refer to themselves as "the Followers of the Winged One."

Current history[]

Although Charles is blind, unresponsive, and wheelchair-bound, he has journeyed to Point Pleasant on a pilgrimage in order to summon the Wise Mothman during the Equinox, where he is at the height of his power.[14] He is assisted by Clarence, Johanna, Marlon and Errol.

The Enlightened believe the cocoon of his mind is cracking open[15] in this final stage of his life.[16] His head is visibly swelling,[15] and his eyes glow.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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The Mothman Equinox

Other interactions[]

If Charles is interacted with on the roof of the Mothman Museum, he only says cryptic things. He talks of a woman knowing things and that she should be left alone. He also mentions Kanawha, and something about a cord which "lies" being cut. He calls out to Wallace, and seems to want Wallace to answer back.


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Notable quotes[]


  • Until the Night of the Moth update, the character of Brother Charles was only mentioned in the note Sermon: Impending doom. It was found in the church hidden beneath the Mothman Museum, where a wheelchair could also be found.
  • In the sermon, an unknown preacher spoke for Brother Charles. Charles himself is encountered by the player during the events of Night of the Moth, but he is no longer aware of his surroundings, and relies on Interpreter Clarence to speak on his behalf. The update also added a tome called Exodus, in which Interpreter Michaela (an Enlightened scribe) records several claims regarding Charles made by Wise Pearl the Augur. Therefore, everything known about the character's previous actions and personality was told to us secondhand or thirdhand by other cultists;
    • In Sermon: Impending doom, the preacher conveyed that the Mothman had warned Charles that the group must seek high ground to survive an impending flood, to occur on the following day. The preacher then proclaimed that the group must go warn all the faithful to gather on the rooftops of Point Pleasant, or else they were turning their back on the Mothman.
    • Exodus claims the Wise Mothman sent a warning of "fire and flood," and that it was Charles who "guided his brethren to safety in the Lucky Hole Mine."
    • The pre-War sermon makes no mention of fleeing to a mine across state, and prescribes an incompatible course of action. It also does not mention fire. Conversely, the Enlightened tome makes no mention of the preacher's plan to stand on the rooftops.
    • Additionally, it remains unclear if Charles was capable of speaking for himself at the time of the War, or if he was already dependent on his advocates to express himself. Exodus mentions that when the fledgling cult emerged from the mine, Charles quelled their fears by speaking of a sacred place "beyond the hills," and Interpreted Clarence raves about the unimaginable brilliance of Charles' ongoing transcendence, but none of these accounts particularly indicate if he was ever able to hold a full conversation or not.
  • The Mutation Invasion update introduced Brother Scarberry, who alludes to "the false prophet." The deployment of the line leaves it unclear if he is referring to the Wise Mothman or Wise Charles the Forewarned.[17]
  • Charles' swollen cranium and glowing eyes are unique, and do not appear on any other NPCs in Fallout 76.
  • He is one of the few characters in the Fallout series thus far known to be wheelchair users. A series of slopes have been constructed across the architecture of Point Pleasant, which may enable his caretakers to easily move him around the town. The long sloped path leads to the roof of the Mothman Museum, where Charles can be encountered when the Mothman Equinox event is active.
    • Following each festival, the Enlightened leave, and the Followers of the Winged One reclaim Point Pleasant. Though they have extensively profaned the town and the hidden church with their vines,[18][19][20] they do not disturb either of the wheelchairs, and the sermons from the eve of the War are still sitting on the pulpit beneath the museum.


Wise Charles the Forewarned appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Night of the Moth update. Prior to the Night of the Moth update, he was mentioned only as "Brother Charles" in the note Sermon: Impending doom before being introduced as a full character.

Behind the scenes[]

The line "A... disk... red... sauce..." is a reference to some kind of in-joke among the Fallout 76 developers involving pizza.



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